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anti slip resin flooring

epoxy resin workshop floor london anti slip flooring

Anti slip flooring is suited to any area in which an existing floors slip resistance is wanting to be improved, or where a new floor is to be installed which requires slip resistance.

what is anti slip resin flooring?

In an industrial and commercial setting, having a heavy-duty floor that is safe for all types of traffic is essential. A resin floor that has non-slip properties means that you can have a durable floor that can withstand forklift traffic, pedestrian use and has that added capability of slip resistance.

The textured finish of an anti-slip resin surface is more slip-resistant than a general concrete floor. The resin coating can be installed on top of an existing concrete floor or resin surface. You do not need to necessarily replace the entire floor. This makes it a cost-effective way of increasing a floors grip without having to replace an entire floor (dependant on the current condition of that concrete floor etc).

Although our anti-slip flooring range improves the grip of a resin floor, it does not guarantee the floor to be ‘slip proof’ as no one can guarantee this. Anti-slip resin flooring simply creates more grip on a floors surface to boost its slip resistance properties.

Anti slip flooring systems are ideal for walkways, ramps, gangways and factory floors. Non slip products are widely installed in the automotive sector due to their strength against vehicle traffic as well as their slip-resistant structure. It is also well suited in many other settings where wet and dry materials may create slippery surfaces.

Non slip coatings increase the effectiveness of grip within a floor. Monarch has an advanced range of resin flooring products which we install UK wide with slip-resistant qualities to help conform to health and safety legislation standards.

common areas of use

epoxy resin flooring Derbyshire Automotive

specialist product - monargrip

As resin flooring contractors we install anti-slip flooring solutions throughout the UK. Our non-slip flooring range is not only tough but provides a smart and attractive finish as well. Our specialist resin product Monargrip is an epoxy resin system which is trademarked by Monarch. It has adjustable grip capabilities so is adaptable to many settings within the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our Monargrip system is used a lot in an automotive setting due to added grip for vehicle traffic. It can also add grip to floors that may have liquids spilt on them e.g oils. Other areas where anti-slip resin flooring is prominent is within the industrial sector and commercial food and drink settings.

The Monargrip system consists of a coloured resin base, a specialist aggregate centre and a clear resin coating or sealer on top. You can change the level of grip within the floor as well as the number of coats used. It also has a wide range of colour options to choose from.

key points

Other non slip resin systems

One of the main epoxy resin products we install is Monargrip. This is a trademarked resin system with a coloured resin base, specialist aggregate centre and a clear resin coating to seal. Monargrip can be found in the automotive sector as well as industrial settings due to its slip-resistant properties. Other places where this system may be suited is in the food and drink sector and within leisure facilities/sports centres. Find more about this product on its dedicated page, or check out the downloads page and view a printable PDF of the product.

As well as Monargrip, Monarcoat 720 is another product which we install as a product to add grip within a floor. As well as Monagrip, the Monarcoat 720 product is an epoxy resin and gives a durable, dust-free finish. This product can also withstand light-heavy trafficking from machines, forklifts and workers. The Monarcoat 720 product is altered to have added grip within the system depending on the needs of the project. Take a look at our Monarcoat 720 page, or you can get in touch with us and speak to a member of our team for more info.

Anti-Slip Flooring

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To conclude, whether you need an existing floors slip resistance improving or require a new non slip resin floor we can help. We have over thirty years in the resin flooring trade and have a great deal of knowledge about slip resistance in floors. Monarch are specialist flooring contractors based in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire. 

As well as epoxy resin flooring systems we also install fast curing resin and polyurethane

For the reason that it is an impossible guarantee, no resin system can promise that slip and trips in the workplace will not happen. However, anti-slip systems will increase the slip resistance of a flooring system so that the risk of those hazards are lowered. You can also increase the aggregate in a resin system to change the level of grip to suit your setting. 

As well as free technical advice, we also provide site surveys and quotations at request. Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch with Monarch about anti-slip flooring you can use the contact form on this page. You can also visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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