Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Flooring

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Recommended Areas

  • GP Practices
  • Hospital flooring
  • Dentist Flooring
  • Clinical flooring solution
  • Pharmacies
  • Waiting areas
  • Pharmaceutical processing flooring
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing flooring
  • Surgery room flooring
  • Specialist medical flooring systems
  • Dermatologist flooring

Key Points

  • Resin flooring in the healthcare sector provides a hygienic, easy to clean and sanitise system perfect for this sector
  • As well as pharmacies themselves, pharmaceutical processing flooring can also be achieved to a high standard using specialist resin systems
  • Monarch installs hospital grade resin flooring
  • Liquid Linoleum flooring is widely used in GP practices and doctors surgeries due to its added impact and noise absorption properties
  • Resin is a tough material which is long-lasting and therefore cost effective as a medical flooring solution

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Flooring

Monarch are specialist flooring contractors who work within the healthcare sector installing floors across the UK. We specialise in the installation of resin flooring which is long-lasting and hard wearing against the day to day use of the busy healthcare sector.

Anti-slip flooring solutions create a floor which has added grip for busy pedestrian areas. Hygienic systems offer floors which are easy to clean and sanitise. There are many different factors which make resin flooring a perfect solution for the healthcare sector.

The decorative element of resin flooring can create a pattern within the floor to separate certain areas. For example, in a GP practice or surgery flooring there can be one colour resin for waiting areas, blocks of colour to show where equipment is stored, pathways within hospitals to properly outline walkways. You can even use a multitude of colours within the floor to show pathways to different departments, e.g. an orange pathway to x-ray rooms and a blue pathway to reception. Within a children’s hospital, flooring can be a bright element to help a child adjust to the different environment. There are many possibilities with resin flooring in hospitals and the healthcare sector.

As well as providing flooring for pharmacies and hospitals etc, our flooring solutions are also suited to manufacturing environments. The production of medicines at pharmaceutical production and processing plants need a floor which is tough against chemical spills, has anti-slip properties and is hard wearing against constant use.


  • Available in a range of colours
  • Seamless flooring solution
  • Easy to clean and sanitise
  • Hygienic
  • Resistance to water spills
  • Resistance to certain chemicals
  • Long-lasting and therefore cost-effective
  • Can be used as a decorative flooring system
  • Certain systems have noise and impact absorbance properties (liquid linoleum)

GP flooring solutions

Flooring for GPs need to be strong, resilient and easy to clean. Resin flooring provides a range of advantages for the healthcare sector by doing this. One of the products we install within GP practice floors is a liquid linoleum solution. This type of flooring creates a durable floor which absorbs impact abrasion as well as noise.

Therefore, it is perfect in an environment where the flooring needs to withstand pressure from furniture and equipment which is moved around and can recover from these impressions. The noise dampening floor will mean that a busy setting where there is a lot of footfall from patients and employees will create a softer floor. Liquid linoleum is also referred to as comfort flooring, this is due to its soft finish. This is well suited as a GP or indeed a surgery flooring solution allowing a softness underfoot as apposed to a hard ground to ease strain on employees who are constantly on the move.

Clinical flooring solutions can also be achieved by resin as it is highly suited as a medical flooring material. 

GP Practice flooring - healthcare flooring

Pharmaceutical processing flooring

Healthcare flooring is a durable and hygienic solution which suits many sectors. Along with a pharmacy floor, the manufacturing side can also benefit from a resin healthcare flooring system. As with any manufacturing, it requires a floor which is resilient against day to day wear. Therefore, a tough resin floor is well suited for that setting along with its added hygienic flooring features.

We work with our clients to make sure that the flooring we install helps them to be compliant according to the (GMP/GDP) government standards. We have worked with many different types of manufacturing in the past and know the importance of health and safety within this area.

Resin skirting can be added to floors within the healthcare sector to create a seamless meeting of wall and floor. Without the edge between the floor and wall no dirt or bacteria can be trapped in corners allowing an easy to clean and sanitise floor which does not collect dirt or dust. A seamless resin floor is a hygienic, durable option for pharmaceutical processing flooring and can be made to many different slip resistance and chemical resistant grades.

We also can work with you to add in demarcation and resin line marking where necessary to aid in the health and safety and efficiency of the manufacturing building or pharmaceutical processing plant.

Final thoughts - Summary

Monarch has worked within the healthcare sector for many years installing unique resin flooring solutions to many different areas. We work with clients to create a suited resin floor which is made to their specifications. This is areas such as chemical resistance, level of anti-slip properties and colour variations. We install epoxy resin as well as polyurethane resin floor systems and have many different products such as screeds and poured resins which suit this sector.

As well as those previously mentioned, we also install exterior resin flooring including resin car parks for hospitals and other healthcare buildings which are durable and can be easily customised car park is needed. Our flooring can also be used in other outdoor areas as well as pathways and seating areas.

We also install self-levelling resin systems for areas which have become uneven over time as well as conducting resin floor repairs where necessary. We are experts in our field and make sure that each client has its own unique flooring solution tailor made to their specifications and our high standards.

Resin flooring is a very adaptable material and can be made to a wide range of different specialist systems. If you would like to get in touch, please fill in the contact form below and someone from our technical team will get back to you. You can also visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

Monarch has installed resin flooring for the healthcare sector across England including​ Halifax, Worksop, Derby and Nottingham.