Automotive Flooring

Types of automotive resin flooring we install

Within the automotive industry, there are many applications where a resin flooring system will be of benefit. Areas which may benefit from automotive resin flooring include garages and workshops, MOT bay resin flooring, car showrooms and car manufacturing. Another area in which resin flooring is application is as demarcation and line marking. Within automotive industries, this may be used to designate certain areas or create gangways for pedestrian or vehicle traffic. 

All these areas will need specific properties from their resin flooring system. These properties could include the slip resistance of the floor, its chemical resistance or the floors finish. 

Commercial garages and car workshops

Commercial Garage Flooring

Monarch installs advanced automotive resin flooring systems to car workshops and garages across the UK. We specialise in installing epoxy resin and polyurethane flooring systems which have added slip resistance properties.

This added grip contributes to the health and safety of garages and workshops. Where spills of liquids can occur, these types of resin flooring aid in the grip of floors. This does not guarantee against slips in the workplace happening, but it does create a flooring system which has added grip to help reduce the risk.

MOT resin flooring

MOT resin flooring includes creating safety markings for bays and installing an epoxy resin or polyurethane flooring system. Because our resin systems have excellent impact and abrasion resistance, an MOT bay installed with resin can create a much needed durable surface. This can be achieved as a matt, gloss or silk finish in many colour variations. The added use of high visibility markings which we specialise in creates a safe MOT bay using resin. 

Demarcation and resin line marking

For health and safety standards high visibility demarcation and line marking are a key aspect of automotive flooring. It also can create pedestrian pathways in showrooms, create bays for vehicles and add hatching surrounding machines or areas which are to be kept clear. You can find out more about our demarcation and line marking here.


Decorative resin flooring in car showrooms

seamless resin flooring system, or a decorative flake finish system can create a stunning floor to showcase cars. The resin flooring is durable and long-lasting so your showroom can withstand the moving of vehicles as well as being appealing.

Furthermore, it is not just the showroom floors which may benefit from a decorative resin floor. Waiting areas and reception areas can benefit by creating a space which is appealing as well as durable to high levels of pedestrian footfall. You can find out more about decorative resin flooring systems here.

Resin flooring in car manufacturing plants

As resin flooring offers a dust-free, hard wearing surface it is ideal in any industrial or manufacturing environment. Its durability means that it can withstand heavy machinery and forklift traffic. As well as this, it can withstand constant pedestrian traffic with gangways installed to section off areas in factories. 

Furthermore, in instances when car production lines involve sensitive electrical equipment, a statically controlled resin system or conductive floor may need to be installed. You can find out more about industrial flooring here.

Advantages of automotive resin flooring

  • Easy to clean, hygienic flooring system - Epoxy resin flooring is easy to clean and with a silk or gloss finish this flooring is an ideal product for the automotive industry
  • Hard Wearing - Epoxy floors are hard wearing and can handle areas which are subject to pedestrian traffic and medium-duty traffic such as would be seen in a showroom/workshop, and car warehouse environment.
  • Durable - The epoxy floors act as a durable surface which combats the effect of spillages and scuffing which may occur in environments such as car showrooms, car warehouses and car workshops which need to maintain their appearance as well as being hard wearing.
  • Resistant to damp substrates - Damp substrates can often be an issue to the automotive industry. A wet floor means potential hazards. Due to their capability when dealing with damp substrates, resin is suitable for any form of production or maintenance of facilities which are still in production.
  • Chemical resistance - A polyurethane resin system has one of the highest chemical resistance properties  Epoxy resin also has chemical resistance, however, polyurethane is considered to have higher levels of chemical resistance. 
  • Slip resistance - Finally, aggregate can be added to a resin flooring system to aid in grip. This can be an epoxy, polyurethane or polyaspartic system. This added grip means that a floor has more grip in both wet and dry conditions. Furthermore, in a workshop, garage or showroom, the level of slip resistance of a flooring system is a main health and safety concern. 
Line Marking using resin - resin flooring UK - Monarch Resin Flooring UK

Why choose Monarch as your resin flooring contractors?

We offer a professional and experienced service as installers of heavy duty floor paint for industrial and commercial use. Whether you are wanting a seamless resin floor installed in your car showroom, or have a new garage that needs safety hatching. We are a leading resin flooring contractor and install our advanced automotive resin flooring systems throughout the UK.

Our floors can be installed as anti-slip, come in a range of colours and are custom fitted to work around your floors unique structure.

Epoxy resin flooring systems are perfect in the application of automotive resin flooring needs. This includes, but is not limited to, Car showroom floors, car workshop floors, MOT Flooring, car manufacturing sites and warehouse floors for storage of vehicles.

The high-performance epoxy resin floor systems are designed to provide a tough, hard wearing protective floor finish and can be made to a range of colours. Please see our Colour Chart for examples.

Our past clients

Take a look at our works completed at Aston can view the full video on their youtube page here.


Automotive resin flooring products


Our Monargrip epoxy resin floor system has been tailored to the automotive industry. It provides a multi-layer dense anti-slip floor which exhibits excellent wearing properties.
Monargrip has been widely used on Peugeot/Citroen, Volvo, Land Rover and other well known automotive brand dealerships.

An epoxy resin system can be installed to different levels of slip resistance depending on the needs of the client. Furthermore, the anti-slip resin floors create an environment which is health and safety conscious. For car workshop floors it is a key part of health and safety requirements that the floor is slip resistant.

There is a range of products which can be installed within the automotive industry. It’s vital to get the right product for the right environment which is why we offer free technical advice.

Please view our products page for more information about the different epoxy resin and polyurethane we install.

Monargrip - Automotive flooring - Monarch resin flooring UK

Final Thoughts

To conclude, resin flooring is an essential part of the automotive flooring industry. Areas which may benefit from automotive resin flooring include garages and workshops, MOT bay resin flooring, car showrooms and car manufacturing. Furthermore, demarcation and line marking installed with resin can increase the health and safety of a work environment. As well as this, anti-static resin flooring can help reduce dangerous static build up in car manufacturing facilities where sensitive electronics are involved. 

There are many advantages of automotive resin flooring. This includes its more than just its durability and hard wearing nature. As well as this, its versatility is a key factor. Elements such as chemical resistance and slip resistance are vital because of health and safety reasons. 

Monarch are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Halifax. We install resin flooring throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. We also offer free technical advice.

Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch with Monarch about automotive resin flooring you can use the contact form below. For more ways to get in touch, you can visit our contact page or visit us at our Dronfield office.