monardeck resin car park

An epoxy resin based car park decking system. This provides a coating to existing tarmac or concrete car park surface which is hard wearing against constant pedestrian/vehicle movement. It can be installed to indoor or outdoor car parks using the different system types.

What is Monardeck

Monardeck is an epoxy resin-based car park decking system designed to provide a coating system fit for vehicular and pedestrian usage in exposed and enclosed conditions. There are two types of car park resin we install. These are called intermediate level car park decking and top level car park decking. These two variations are also called Monardeck I.L. and Monardeck T.L.P. Click on the following link to learn more about tarmac painting and resin car parks

Monardeck I.L: Monardeck Intermediate Level car park decking is a resin based flooring system for intermediate decks. It provides a floor which will withstand motor fuel emissions and salts, and provide an anti-slip, low-maintenance floor which will withstand vehicular and pedestrian trafficking. 

Monardeck T.L.P: Monardeck Top Level Parking provides all of the qualities of the Monardeck I.L. It also provides an elastomeric waterproof floor, preventing ingress of moisture to lower levels. The system can also be used as a roofing system and for other waterproofing installations. 


Mix components A and B together in a suitable mixer e.g., Creteangle, Mixal or with a low-speed drill and non-air-extraining paddle. Add aggregate pack C (Monardeck only) whilst mixing then continue mixing for 4 minutes until homogeneous. Care should be taken to ensure that the bottom and sides of mixing vessels are thoroughly scraped.

Method of Use

Surface preparation – see requirements of preparation data sheet.

Apply to cementitious and Asphalt substrates.

All cementitious surfaces to be cured to 75% Relative Humidity. Vacuum shot-blasting or diamond grinding is preferred on all smooth/or dense surfaces.


To provide a waterproof surface all expansion joints should be masked and ‘striped’ with 100mm overlap of Monarflex Elastomeric prior to application of 2nd coat (in TLP specification only). All bolt fixings should be carried out with proprietary chemical fixings to avoid disruption of waterproof membrane

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are two types the Monardeck resin. These are Monardeck I.L and Monardeck T.L.P. The I.L variation is an intermediate level car park decking which means it is usually used indoors. T.L.P, on the other hand, is a specially designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Both are durable resins which can withstand constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic which you would expect in a car park. 

Monarch installs this epoxy resin as well as polyurethane resin and polyaspartic, fast-cure resin systems throughout the UK. Monarch is based in Greater Manchester, Halifax, Derbyshire and North & South Yorkshire. We also offer free technical advice and site surveys.

Finally, if you have any more questions in regards to this epoxy resin product or others which we install please use the contact form below or see our contact page for more reasons to get in touch.

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