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A heavy-duty polyurethane floor screed primarily used as flooring in breweries, microbreweries and distilleries due to its chemical resistance and hard-wearing surface

What is Monarthane

Monarthane is a three-part resin rich, heavy duty polyurethane floor screed designed to present a floor surface resistance to chemical attack and the hardest physical abrasion from vehicular movement.


Monarthane is a three component product. Pre-mixing of the coloured resin and hardener for one minute prior to mixing in aggregate component until homogeneous mix obtained. A resin mixer such as a Cretangle or Daines should be employed for best results. Apply mixed product by steel trowel to required levels and finish with roller for sealed, trowel-mark free results.


All surfaces to be mechanically prepared, dry and dust free. Primer prior to application with Monarprime epoxy resin primer. Primer should cure prior to application of Monarthane.

Recommended Uses

  • Areas subject to abrasion, heavy wading, chemical exposure
  • Areas where a slip-resistant, seamless sealed profile is required
  • Food processing areas
  • Breweries, microbreweries and distilleries
  • Laboratories
  • Engineering workshops
  • Pub cellars and behind bar areas
  • Chemical areas

Physical Properties

Compressive strength 58n/mm ²

SUP resistance (rapra 45 slider)

Dry 70

Wet 60

For Vertical applications or to form coved skirting, apply Monarthane ‘V’

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