Floor Jointing

What is Floor Jointing?

In any flooring installation, care should be taken to ensure correct movement capability of the flooring.​ Floor Jointing through our Monarjoint product provides movement through a newly installed resin floor. 

Generally resin floor toppings are overlaid onto an existing concrete floor. As concrete floors are generally constructed with active expansion joints it is standard practice to follow the movement capability through the new resin floor.

Monarjoint is designed to provide movement capabilities of the structure through the new resin floor.

Step by Step

Monarjoint - Cutting - Floor Jointing
Step One - Cutting
Floor Jointing - Monarjoint - filling tape
Step Two - Taping
Floor Jointing - Monarjoint - Filling
Step Three - Filling
Floor Jointing - Monarjoint - Spreading
Step Four - Spreading
monarjoint tape
Step Five - Removal of Tape
Monarjoint - Floor Jointing - Finished Floor
Step Six - Finished Floor

This is just a simplified step by step guide to help you visualise the process behind floor jointing when considering a resin floor. We would be happy to provide some more detailed information to anyone who would like to know more about the resin floor jointing process.

You can get in touch with a member of our team for free technical advice and no obligation quotes. We also offer site surveys and free technical advice. For more about floor jointing or anything else you would like to know about resin floors, please go to our contact page for ways to get in touch.  You can also use the contact form at the end of this page. We aim to get back to everyone within two working days. Please allow for more time during the bank holiday periods.  

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