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Monarch are leading epoxy resin flooring contractors who have been installing epoxy resin floors for the past thirty years. We started on Archer Road in Sheffield and have since then grown to offices in Derbyshire, Lancashire and across Yorkshire. Three generations later we are still a family-run business installing resin flooring throughout the UK.

As specialist epoxy resin flooring contractors, we install a number of resin systems across many sectors. Some examples of systems we install are anti-slip floor coatings, food-grade resin systems and decorative flooring.

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Types of resin flooring

The Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) to which we are members, classify eight types of resin flooring. Below is a table as specified by FeRFA to explain the types of flooring which we install. As well as showing the types of floor there is also a short description and their approx thickness when installed.

” Some of these types of flooring may be produced with special decorative effects by the incorporation of coloured particles or flakes in the surface. Terrazzo-like finishes (ground exposed aggregate) may be produced from certain trowel-applied floorings of Types 6 and 8. Slip resistant or anti-static/conductive versions of all these categories may also be available.”

Take a look at the FeRFA website for more info about resin flooring types. You can also see the ‘Guide to Resin Flooring‘ where this table is found and our membership profile.

Epoxy resin flooring installers

As epoxy resin flooring contractors we install all eight types of resin flooring specified by FeRFA. As well as these epoxy resin systems we also install polyurethane and polyaspartic systems. The very heavy-duty floor toppings we install are under the polyurethane section, Monarthane for example. We also install liquid linoleum flooring and car park decking. Take a look at our systems or product overview to see examples of these systems.

With epoxy resin flooring, here are some of the most popular types of epoxy resin floors for industrial flooring as well as being applicable in commercial and domestic premises.

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Floor Seal

As shown by FeRFA, a floor seal is applied in two or more coats and is generally solvent or waterborne. An epoxy floor sealer creates a seamless floor covering usually applied over a prepared concrete floor. Floor preparation usually includes shot blasting or diamond grinding and/or floor repairs using an epoxy mortar to create an even, textured finish. At this point, any primer would be installed prior to the floor seal.

Along with general epoxy resin floor products, Monarch also has its own brand of products. In this instance, our products which would be seen as a floor sealer (type 1) would be Monarseal 322. A few facts about this product is that it is a high performance, water-dispersible epoxy. It contains no solvents and also has a very low odour. It provides abrasion and chemical resistance and is very durable. Specifically resistant to water, oils and dilute acids for example. As well as these factors it is easy to clean and sanitise floor seal.

As well as Monarseal 322 we also have Monarcoat 700 which is a resin line marking paint which is applied over a current floor coating when cured. Resin line marking includes creating vehicle bays, gangways and hatched areas. If you need to section off an area of a factory for packaging only, for example, you may use a resin line marking paint. Another use within factories is to create charging stations for forklifts, or to highlight fire exits.

Floor Coating

A resin floor coating is usually installed on top of an existing concrete surface which has been professionally prepared. Two or more coats of epoxy resin coating are installed to create a floor which is long-lasting, durable, withstand vehicle traffic and also has some chemical resistance. Monarcoat 720 also has slip resistance properties when the correct aggregate is used.

One of our leading floor coatings is Monarcoat 720, this product is widely found in the industrial sector as an easy to maintain, tough floor paint. You would also associate this epoxy resin flooring with factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Monarcoat 720 is also a versatile resin coating and can be applied to a number of different settings. Additionally, this product is also found in the automotive sector where it can be applied to MOT areas, car garages/workshops and storage areas

Some of the advantages of Monarcoat 720 include

As epoxy resin flooring contractors Monarch also installs other well-known brands of epoxy resin. Take a look at our contact page for ways to get in touch and speak to a member of our team about your resin flooring needs.

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Monarcoat 720 - Yellow - Factory flooring - Monarch resin flooring

Multi-layer flooring

As described by FeRFA, a multi-layer system has multiple layers of floor coatings. We have two different multi-layer resin systems we install one of which is called Monargrip.

Monargrip is an epoxy resin specialist floor system ideal for areas where high levels of slip resistance are required. Highly durable against constant footfall as well as vehicle traffic and comes in a wide range of colours. Ideal for the automotive industry and also in a commercial or industrial sector.

Below are a few advantages which Monargrip has to offer as an epoxy flooring product.

Another epoxy resin product that is multi-layer we install is Monarflake. This system can be custom made to any RAL or British Standard colour so it is completely unique to each clients preference. You choose a few colours you have in mind and we will digitally produce a pattern using closely matched RAL or British Standard colours, we then can produce hard samples for you to preview how the finished floor will look before installation

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011 - OCEAN
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012 - CANARY
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This product is very popular amongst commercial and domestic clients. As well as being epoxy resin flooring contractors, Monarch also offers polyurethane flooring for when heavy-duty flooring may be required. Please get in touch with us to talk about our products for this type of resin.

Flow applied flooring

Sometimes known as self-levelling or self-smoothing resin, flow applied resin is designed to freshen up an existing resin or concrete floor. Along with the correct preparation, a flow applied floor will aid in the reduction of the appearance of scuffs, scratches, chips and uneven surfaces to create a smooth and seamless appearance.

As a self-levelling resin is a heavy-duty floor coating, it has many industrial and commercial applications. Highlighted below are just some of the areas a self-smoothing epoxy may be used.

Resin Screed Flooring

A floor known as a resin screed is a trowel-finished floor. Generally speaking, it is used as a heavily filled system that incorporates a surface seal coat to minimize porosity. As well as other resin products, Monarch also has its own brand called Monarquartz.  This product is trowel applied and heavy-duty. It is a combination of coloured quartz aggregate and clear resin binders. This product creates a decorative, durable resin floor. As an epoxy resin flooring system, Monarquartz comes with an unlimited range of colour combinations.

Recommended Areas;

Monarquartz can also be used as a resin coving or resin skirting product which is used to present a sealed wall to floor junction. Resin skirting creates a hygienic floor as it creates a floor which does not have an edge to trap dirt or bacteria. Monarquartz is also easy to clean and sanitise. 


To conclude, there are many types of epoxy resin flooring that you can have installed. You need to make sure that when you are choosing an epoxy floor you have an understanding of which product is best suited for your needs. Furthermore, if you decide that you would like epoxy resin flooring for your factory, warehouse etc. You need the right system behind your floor, whether that is an anti-slip system or a heavy-duty one. 

As epoxy resin flooring contractors Monarch also gives free technical advice and offer our thirty years of experience to help you find the right resin flooring solution for you. We have offices in Sheffield, Dronfield and Leigh, Lancashire and cover the whole of the UK. We work with you to find out what your floor needs. As well as free technical advice we can also offer you a quote with no obligation. 

As well as epoxy floors, we also install a number of different resin systems and products. You can find out more on our products page and you may also want to take a look at our systems page. If you would like to get in touch with us then please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be able to get back to you. You can also go to our contact page for more ways to get in touch.  

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