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Resin flooring is well suited to the food and drink industry. It is easy to clean and sanitise as well as durable. It also comes with different grades of chemical resistance. We offer an end to end service with our flooring installations. As such we can create falls within floors to stainless steel drainage. We can also repair the floor and prep properly before resin is installed. Resin flooring for a food factory can be food grade and highly hygienic. Whether you need a floor to suit a brewery, a food processing plant or any factory, we are here to help.

We install hygienic, food-safe/food grade industrial resin flooring for the food and drink sector. This could be within a food and drink factory, manufacturing plants or processing facilities. Using our Monarthane product, which is a resin screed, we install floors which do not harbour bacteria, are extremely hard wearing and are non taint. We can also install resin coved skirting using this product as we can form falling floors to drainage.

Take a look at some of our previous work in our case studies or look through some of the many polyurethane resin and epoxy resin products we install.

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Final Thoughts

Monarch has worked within the food and drink sector for over thirty years installing to the different areas of the process. From food and drink factories to packaging facilities, Monarch installs food factory flooring solution to suit all needs. Whether you are in need of a new floor or are refurbishing your food factory, Monarch has the resin flooring solution to meet your needs.

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