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There are different types of industrial flooring that are commonly installed within the UK. One of those types of flooring is a resinous flooring material or system. An industrial resin floor is a floor that has been installed to suit an industrial setting using a resinous material, such as epoxy or polyurethane. An industrial setting would be usually defined as where goods and materials are produced and/or stored where a heavy-duty floor would be needed. For example, a factory setting, manufacturing or production facilities and or warehouses. When looking for an industrial floor solution, using resin as a system that is hard-wearing, has high chemical resistance and/or is anti-slip is usually preferred against other flooring types such as concrete. 

Monarch are resin flooring contractors who install industrial flooring which is hard-wearing and tough against constant use. Our industrial resin floor coatings and systems are versatile and come in many different forms. One of the most popular types of floor to have within a factory or warehouse is an industrial non slip resin flooring system. The anti-slip properties in this industrial floor create more grip to aid in tyre tread of vehicles and machinery. It also adds grip to resin floors which may become wet. You can have a resin floor which has anti-slip properties, high chemical resistance, tough against forklift use or all of the above. 

Another resin system which may benefit your needs is those which are anti-static. In summary, these floors are conducive to help to stop the build-up of static charge, this is mainly for factories which involve small electrical components. Industrial resin flooring within a factory, manufacturing plant and other industrial settings is a cost-effective flooring solution. With the proper maintenance, it is long-lasting and can be easily repaired if damaged. 

Industrial Flooring

Monarch installs industrial flooring throughout the UK and have over 30 years of experience in our trade. We are epoxy and polyurethane flooring contractors. We work with client’s to make sure that the right flooring solution is found for their needs. As well as this, we offer technical advice, product recommendations and site surveys. Take a look at our contact page for ways to get in touch with us or continue reading to find out more about the industrial flooring we install and examples of our work. Although our offices are based in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lancashire, we regularly install resin flooring in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Barnsley, Hull, Liverpool and Nottingham to name a few. 

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Floors with added slip resistance can aid in the health and safety of an industrial setting. This is the result of adding grip to the floor to help reduce potential hazards. Industrial resin flooring which has added grip is crucial when it comes to the safety of workers. 

We specialise in creating non-slip factory flooring systems which have this added grip so that these health and safety concerns are lowered. Non-slip industrial flooring can be installed at different levels of grip, consult a member of our technical team for advice using our contact page

Health and safety is a key part of any factory, therefore we are experts in the installation of gangway markings, hatched areas and lettering/numbered markings on floors through the process of resin line marking.

Gangway markings can ensure that there are clear areas for pedestrian or vehicle traffic only. Hatched areas create sections which are to be kept clear of any materials/debris. Added numbers or wording to a floor can increase a factories organisation and productivity by sectioning out where products should be stored.

In large areas where a factory flooring system has become worn or damaged a more cost-effective solution may be to replace/repair a small area of the floor. We specialise in resin floor repair, we can repair the damage to your industrial factory floor and then recoat it with a strong resin material. 

This can be achieved through industrial floor preparation which can involve resin floor repairs, priming of floors etc

An industrial floor is particularly required in food and drink production when wanting an easy to clean floor and sanitise surface. This is so that the floor can be sanitised correctly and thoroughly. A hygienic resin floor is dust-free and steam cleanable up to a certain degreeAs well as this, a resin floor can withstand high and low temperatures and chemical resistance.

We install food-grade resin flooring for food and drink factories. Take a look at the dedicated food-grade resin flooring page.

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Monarcoat 720 is one of our most versatile resin products. It is widely used as a heavy-duty floor coating for the industrial sector. As well as being used in factories and manufacturing, it is also widely used to mark gangways in many industrial settings. It can also  have anti-slip properties when a specialist aggregate is added during installation

Monargrip is an epoxy resin flooring system that presents excellent levels of slip resistance in the wettest of areas. This can include factory gangways, food factories, wet rooms, laundries or any areas where high levels of slip resistance are needed. The product is based on a blend of epoxy resins and quartz aggregates, and is available in a wide range of colour choices and slip resistance grades. 

Monarcoat 700 is an epoxy resin line marking paint well suited to the industrial sector. It is widely used to mark gangways for pedestrian and vehicle use. It is also used to show areas of specific use using lettering or symbols on the floor. Line marking paint helps in the health and safety aspect of the floor by separating out machinery and workers.  

Monarflow is ideal for use in the manufacturing industry and is specified for use where a hard wearing, dust-free, seamless, easy clean floor surface is required.

This product is a self-smoothing floor coating which creates a floor which is durable in settings which need to combat the effects of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 

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As industrial resin flooring contractors, we have over 30 years of experience. We install a wide range of industrial flooring solutions throughout the UK. This includes anti-slip, food-grade and anti-static.

We have installed industrial resin flooring solutions to a huge range of manufacturing companies across the UK. We work had to make sure that every floor which we install is specific to that client’s needs. We can create a bespoke floor to suit companies individual needs

It does not matter whether you manufacture chemicals, are a food production factory or have a large warehouse for product storage. We can help you decide which resin system would work the best within your industry. Also, we try and make as little disturbance as possible to a factories process. This is why we work with companies to find the ideal time to complete the works and offer fast curing resin for even quicker results. 

We are happy to provide technical advice on industrial flooring and the different systems which we have to offer. If you get in touch with our team via our contact page we can provide an estimate of costs within two working days.

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Having the right industrial flooring system can really make a big difference to image and productivity in an industrial setting. Before you make a decision it is a good idea to look over all the reasons why resin might be the right choice. We have lots of pages which show just how versatile resin and its different types are. Compared to other types of floor you might see in an industrial setting, a resin system is certainly a great option to consider. Therefore, it is vital to go through all the features you need from your floor with your flooring contractor. 

Finally, Monarch are industrial resin flooring specialists based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Halifax.

We install resin floors across the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. We also offer free technical advice and site visits with no obligation so that you can make the right choice.

Furthermore, there are many ways in which you can get in touch with Monarch. In addition to the contact form below. You can visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch or visit us at our Dronfield office.

Get in touch for free technical advice, product recommendation or to book in a site survey.

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