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Resin bound driveways

resin driveway

Resin bound driveways are becoming ever more popular due to their tough nature and decorative appearance. They provide a drive which is resistant to weeds as well as frost while maintaining a porous surface. As resin bound drives allow water to pass through, they do not need planning permission to be installed. 

We offer free site surveys across Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire. We can measure up the drive, show you the various colour options and go through all the questions you may have. 

How are resin bound driveways installed?

To install a resin bound surface you need an aggregate coloured blend and a resin product. The two are mixed together and then installed onto a suitable base using a trowel. The resulting driveway has no loose gravel and is a smooth, flat surface. Once dried, the driveway is porous, allowing any water to pass through into the ground underneath. 

Please note that Monarch currently only installs resin bound driveways in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire areas. 

Colour Options

Click to enlarge the images. Please note that the screen brightness of your device may alter the way in which the pictures look. When making an appointment with us in regards to resin driveways we will bring along samples of the colour options for you to view.

how to maintain a resin bound driveways

Installing a resin driveway is a great way to give a stylish and modern look to your home. Your driveway is the first thing you see when you get home, so having a stylish entrance can be a great addition. Resin bound drives are not just tough. They are also porous, this means that water can pass through them into the ground below. As well as this, they are resistant to frost and weeds. So you don’t have to worry about weeding the front drive all the time. There are many reasons why a resin bound driveway can add to your home. Take a look at our contact page for more ways to get in touch with about installing a resin drive for you.

safe from the Weather

RAIN – Your resin bound driveway is whats known as ‘porous’. This means that rainfall will pass through the surface to the ground underneath. You don’t need to worry about puddles of water being created on top of the drive. 

SNOW AND ICE – In snowy conditions it is important to not use road grit on top of your new resin bound drive. Sometimes the grit can clog into the surface making the driveway less permeable to rainfall. Salt can be used instead in snowy and icy conditions.

WIND – When debris from surrounding trees and plantbeds gets onto your drive you can simply sweep it away. This will not loosen the aggregate within your resin bound drive. It is important to make sure that you sweep the driveway of debris so that moss doesn’t grow on the surface. 

SUNSHINE – A resin bound drive is UV stable which means that it does not get damaged by the sunlight. So the colour which you choose for your resin drive will not fade or get patchy when we get those few sunny summer days!

resin driveway

Please note that Monarch currently only installs resin bound driveways in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire areas.