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If you cant find the colour charts for the resin product you are interested in then please see our contact page and get in touch.

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Please note that the colours represented here act as a guide only. Other colours available on request and colour matching to RAL or BS 4080 can be offered at additional cost. Please be aware that different systems can display the same colour in different ways.


When it comes to our Monarflake ‘flake finish’ systems, there are an unlimited number of colour combinations which you can design yourself.

All you need to do to design your own resin flake blend is take a look at the RAL colour chart which you can view online here. Once you have found examples of colours you would like to incorporate as a blend we can create a digital picture of that blend to send to you.

Keep in mind that the colour settings and brightness of the screen you are using may alter how the colours appear. You can visit us at our Dronfield Office to view an RAL chart and examples of work.

If you are looking for inspiration then take a look at the colour blends below which are our most popular designs.

Remember to quote the name of your chosen blend when enquiring. All these colours can have silver glitter, or rainbow shimmer glitter added to the blend for a dash of extra luxury. You can also use these blends as a base to create your own personalised blend by adding a colour to the mix, increasing or decreasing the amount of a colour or taking one out of the mix.

If you have any more questions regarding our resin floor colour charts, or would like to know more. Please visit our contact page for ways to get in touch. You can also use the contact form provided below or call us now on 01246 412 222