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What kind of specialist resin systems do we install?

Epoxy resin, polyurethane resin and polyaspartic resin can all be installed as various resin systems which are determined by a floors individual requirements. Here at Monarch, we understand that each individual floor will have its own unique requirements. This may be for the resin to have a high chemical resistance or added grip. 

Other types of resin systems we install are for specific areas such as in a brewery or warehouse. Furthermore, Monarch has been installing resin flooring systems for the past 30 years and have worked in many different environments and sectors. 

Anti-Slip Resin Flooring 

Monarch installs anti-slip flooring solutions which are tough, durable and provide a smart and attractive finish suited to many different environments. 

Anti-static Resin Flooring 

There are many reasons why an anti-static flooring system may be needed. When it comes to many manufacturing and industrial processes there can be a build up of static electricity. This static electricity can cause a risk to both the workers and the equipment which they use.

Automotive Resin Flooring 

Resin flooring is an essential part of the automotive flooring industry. Areas which may benefit from automotive resin flooring include garages and workshops, MOT bay resin flooring, car showrooms and car manufacturing.

Brewery Flooring Solutions 

It is clear that a resin system is a better option than concrete when dealing with the chemicals within the brewing process. Moreover, concrete and other surfaces which become damaged by these chemicals will also become a hazard. Uneven floors with damage mean that any cracks and holes will only get bigger and be more hazardous.

Decorative Resin Systems 

Monarch specialises in the installation of decorative resin flooring throughout the UK. The three main styles of resin flooring are as follows;

Flake Finish Resin Flooring Systems
Metallic Resin Flooring Systems
Seamless Resin Floors

Demarcation and Line Marking

 Adding demarcation and line marking can make a difference to the production and health and safety of a factory or warehouse. Also, our products can be resistant to abrasions, chemicals and high impact. Therefore, a resin-based product is well suited to forming line markings as it is the more long-term solution.

Food Grade Resin Flooring

In the processing, manufacturing and packaging of food and drink, it is important that a resin system, when placed in these environments, does not ‘taint’ the produce. A food grade resin system is solvent-free and will not contaminate or spoil any open food or beverage. This is vital in commercial environments and food production due to health and safety/hygiene reasons. 

Hygienic Resin Flooring

Resin flooring is a very hygienic solution to any environment and it can really add a clean, smooth look to your floor. We install resin flooring for the retail, commercial and industrial market and have a high level of standard and professionalism. 

Tarmac Painting and Resin Car Parks

The use of a resin flooring system in a car park provides a chemical resistant, colourful, safe, durable surface. There are two different types of car park resin flooring we install. These are classified as intermediate level car park decking and top level parking using our Monardeck product…

Terrazzo Flooring Systems 

Furthermore, terrazzo systems are extremely resistant, ideal for high traffic areas and can create a unique, beautiful floor. 

Chemically Resistant Resin Flooring   

As well as being a durable floor, a resin system can have high chemical resistance to certain chemicals. This can be vital to areas which deal with chemicals on a day to day basis. When a chemical is spilt, having a floor which is not as damaged as other floors can be is key. Otherwise, the uneven floor can create even more hazards in the process. 

Both polyurethane and epoxy have properties of chemical resistance at different levels. It is important to discuss what chemicals the floor will need to be resistant of when choosing your resin system. For example Monarthane has high chemical resistance against brewing chemicals.

Warehouse Resin Flooring 

Furthermore, the epoxy resin system Monargrip which we install UK wide has excellent slip resistant properties. The added grip of the floor ensures higher levels of health and safety as opposed to concrete systems. As well as this, resin systems can have high chemical resistance and resist high and low temperatures.

Monarch are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Halifax. We install resin floors throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. We also offer free technical advice which you can get by calling our offices on 01246 412 222.

Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch with Monarch about resin floors you can use the contact form below. For more ways to get in touch, you can visit our contact page or visit us at our Dronfield office.