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An overview of the specialist resin systems we install

There are three different types of resin which we install across the UK. Epoxy resin which is the most common system used, polyurethane resin which has a higher chemical resistance, and polyaspartic resin which is a fast-curing resin system for busy environments.

Each of these resin types have different strengths and are suited as different resin systems.

A resin system is a way of installing a resin product to enhance a certain aspect of a floor. This may be added grip, food safe properties or anti-static. Other forms of systems are dedicated to specific areas. Brewery flooring, for example, takes into account falling floors and the drainage which may be required. As another example, demarcation and line marking systems can be about forming gangways or marking off areas of production to enhance the health and safety on a large scale.

Each specialist resin system is not only tailor-made with specific properties in mind, but it also takes into account the clients needs. Each warehouse surface, brewery falling floor or anti slip MOT markings are unique to that client and we make sure that you get the right resin system for your companies needs.

Liquid Linoleum Flooring


Anti-slip Flooring Systems

Resin flooring can be installed using specialised aggregate which is installed at different levels to add grip to a floors surface. In some instances the slip resistance of an existing floor can be improved without needing to replace it which can be very cost-effective…

Food Grade Flooring

In the processing, manufacturing and packaging of food and drink, it is important that a resin system, when placed in these environments, does not ‘taint’ the produce. A food grade resin system is solvent-free and will not contaminate or spoil any open food or beverage…

Automotive Resin Flooring

MOT flooring, garage floors, car showroom flooring are all systems which we install using resin. There is decorative systems for showrooms, safety colours and grip levels of garages and MOT bays. All uniquely designed as specified…

Decorative Flooring

Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring

Flake finishes, metallic effect flooring and seamless resins are installed in many different settings to create a stunning resin floor. These floors are designed by you and installed by Monarch to a whole range of specifications and colours…

Flooring for the Brewing Industry

Brewery Flooring - Monarch - UK resin flooring

The chemicals involved in the brewing process attack surfaces like concrete. A polyurethane resin on the other hand has high chemical resistance. We works to uniquely design your brewery with the help of falling floors and stainless steel drainage…

Resin Line Marking

factory flooring using resin - Monarch Resin Flooring

Adding demarcation and resin line marking can really make a difference to the production and health and safety of a factory, warehouse and other industrial settings. Our products can be resistant to abrasions, chemicals and high impact…

Anti-static Resin Flooring

Antistatic Flooring - Monarch - Step by step process

Many manufacturing and industrial processes can have a build up of static electricity. This can create issues in the manufacturing process when dealing with small electrical components. Static electricity can cause a risk to both the workers and the equipment which they use. To help reduce the risk which is involved with static charge, an anti-static flooring system can be installed…

Warehouse Flooring

Monarcoat 720 - factory flooring - Monarch resin flooring UK

Resin flooring in a warehouse provides touch, high impact surface which is seamless and can be installed with high chemical resistance and slip resistance in mind. Line marking resin can also be used to section areas off production areas, areas to be kept clear, packing areas etc to increase efficiency and safety…  

Resin Car Parks & Tarmac Painting

monardeck resin car park

The use of a resin flooring system in a car park provides a chemical resistant, colourful, safe, durable surface. There are two different types of car park resin flooring we install. These are classified as intermediate level car park decking and top level park…

Hygienic Resin Flooring Systems

Resin flooring is a very hygienic solution to any environment and it can really add a clean, smooth look to your floor. We install resin flooring for the retail, commercial and industrial market and have a high level of standard and professionalism… 


Monarch is based in Sheffield, Dronfield, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Halifax. We install resin floors throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. We also offer free technical advice which you can get by calling our offices on 01246 412 222