Monarflow PU

What is Monarflow PU

Monarflow PU is a water-based polyurethane self smoothing resin which is designed to give excellent heavy duty usage. When looking for a resin floor which suits a harsh industrial environment, Monarflow PU could be the perfect choice. As well as having a high level of chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. It also has resistance to thermal shock and can withstand aggressive industrial environments

As this is a self smoothing resin, (sometimes known as self-levelling) the material is trowel applied at around 6mm of thickness. This creates a floor which is smooth in appearance and evens out any bumps or dints which the substrate underneath it may have. 

Monarflow PU is suited to many industrial settings, and is used widely in the food and drink sector. This is due to the product being non taint or ‘food safe‘. as well as these areas this polyurethane screed is used within the pharmaceutical side of manufacturing and processing as a extremely hard wearing and resistant flooring. It is also easy to sanitise and clean making it adaptable in a variety of settings. 


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Monarfow PU
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Monarfow PU

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