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Polyurethane resin flooring is one of the most used types of resin floor system along with epoxy resin. The main differences between epoxy and polyurethane all depend on what product is being used. Generally speaking, a polyurethane resin has a better range of resistance to chemicals. This can be the chemicals in the brewing processes or in dairy manufacturing as it has resistance to lactic acid which can be found there. Polyurethane can also be a more flexible resin as a floor surface. 


As a flooring material, a polyurethane coating is a tough floor solution which is used a lot in both the commercial and industrial sectors. As well as this polyurethane can also be a food grade or ‘food safe’ product which means it has unique applications in the food and drink sector. This may be as a manufacturing floor covering or as a commercial kitchen floor topping. 


As well as this, polyurethane can also be used as a hygienic floor coating which is easy to clean and sanitise. There are many ways in which this floor topping can be the best fit for your next flooring project. Floors installed with polyurethane systems are seamless and leave a smooth high-quality appearance in a range of colour options. With no seams, these floors trap no dirt, oils or bacteria.

Benefits of Polyurethane*

*Any benefit is depending on which product is being used, contact us to learn more.

Polyurethane Resin products

There are many resin flooring products that Monarch install throughout the UK, including Manchester, Bradford and Rotherham. Polyurethane, in particular, is a strong floor covering which makes it ideal for the industrial sector. 


For example, Monarflow PU is a self-levelling resin flooring product which we install widely in factories. This product is a self-smoothing resin which is used in busy areas which have become uneven due to many years of constant use. This is a problem which occurs a lot in factories.  As well as this the product has excellent resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments. 


An anti-static resin may be needed if you work with small electrical components, our Monarflow PU AS can provide a conductive floor to deal with the excess static charge safely. 


Another factor is that the floor coating products can be fast-curing such as Monarcoat Rapid/Rapid Ultra. Generally speaking, these products are designed to cure a lot faster than other resin products shortening the downtime for busy settings. For example, a factory where production is constant or areas such as fire exits and staircases which need to be accessed 24/7.


As polyurethane resin flooring contractors, we install specialist resin systems throughout the UK. There are many applications for PU flooring and when looking into the different properties it is clear that there are many benefits to consider. 

Seamless resin floor
Monarcoat 500 - factory flooring - Monarch Flooring - UK Resin

Monarcoat 500 is a flexible, high-build polyurethane floor coating which has excellent abrasion and impact resistance properties. It is a medium duty coating for floors.

Brewery Flooring - Monarch - UK resin flooring

Monarthane is a three-part resin rich, heavy-duty polyurethane floor screed product. It is designed to create a floor surface which is resistant to chemical attack as well as withstanding heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This product is used predominantly in brewery flooring.

Monarflow PU - factory flooring - Monarch Flooring - UK Resin

Monarflow is a self-levelling resin which is ideal to use on uneven floors which have been worn down due to constant use. It has resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments.

Monarflow PU AS (anti-static) is a static-dissipative resin based flooring system which is laid at 3mm nominal thickened. The formulation comprises of a unique blend of conductive fillers blended with polyurethane resin components and pigments to provide an attractive smooth matt finish.

Monarcoat Rapid/Rapid Ultra are light stable products with very good chemical resistance. Primarily used on stairways, fire escapes and production areas which are in constant use. This is due to the fast-curing elements of this product reducing the time  for the floor to be able to be used again. It can also have anti-slip properties.

Monarcove is a heavy duty polyurethane resin skirting system for durable wall/floor junction. Resin skirting is widely used where a floor may need to be extra hygienic as it does not allow liquids or bacteria to get trapped in edges. Find out more on the resin coved skirting page.

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These are the standard colours which you can find most of our resin products. We can also manufacture resin products in RAL and British Standard colours. Take a look at the RAL Colour Chart for the full range of colours as a guide. If you have a particular colour in mind we can best match it to this chart. For example,if you wanted to match to a particular paint colour or tile which you have seen.

Monarflow PU FX

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To conclude, polyurethane as a flooring material has many benefits which have applications in both commercial and industrial settings. To make the right choice of floor coating, Monarch offers free technical advice and site surveys across England. As specialist resin flooring contractors, we also conduct floor preparation before resin flooring is installed to ensure that you get the best finish to your floor. We install this polyurethane resin flooring and more throughout the UK including Leeds, Barnsley, Rotherham and Chesterfield.


You can use the contact form below and a member of our technical team will get back to you. Or please take a look at our contact page for more ways to speak to us. 

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