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Polyurethane Flooring: An Explaination

Polyurethane flooring systems, sometimes knows as PU flooring for short, is one of the most well used types of resin flooring system products after epoxy. The floors have a unique chemical structure which makes them versatile in different environments.

As a flooring material, polyurethane is a tough, durable solution used widely in both commercial and industrial applications. Many polyurethane products have proven to hold higher chemical resistance than an epoxy flooring option.

High chemical resistance means that the floor coating has hygienic applications. This can be applicable in settings which handle food and drink such as food and drink processing, production areas and packaging.

Polyurethane floors can be food grade or ‘food safe’ product which means its application on floors in food or beverage production area would not taint any produce.

Floors installed with polyurethane systems are seamless and leave a smooth high quality appearance in a range of colour options. With no seams, these floors trap no dirt or bacteria making them easy to clean and sanitise.

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Polyurethane products we install

When looking into the different types of resin flooring, polyurethane is certainly a strong floor covering for both commercial and industrial applications. It can be installed as an anti-slip flooring sytem, as a hygienic seamless floor, as a self-levelling resin as well as an extremely durable surface across industries.

This floor coatings high chemical resistance can be one of the key factors when choosing a floor. Installed widely in food and drink production, including withing breweries, distilleries and microbreweries as versatile brewery flooring solutions.

Another factor is that the floor coating products can be fast-curing such as Monarcoat Rapid/Rapid Ultra. These products are designed to cure a lot faster than a regular polyurethane product. This means that the areas are usable in hours rather than days. This is particularly useful in busy environments such as those which are in production 24/7 or areas such as fire exits and staircases which are in constant use.

As polyurethane resin flooring contractors, we install specialist polyurethane systems throughout the UK. They provide a surface which is hygienic, has high chemical resistance and can be installed through different systems such as anti-slip and anti-static floor coverings.

There are many applications for PU flooring and when looking into the different properties it is clear that there are many benefits to consider.

Benefits of polyurethane floor systems

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Anti-Slip properties
  • Anti-Static properties
  • Fast-Curing systems
  • Hygienic
  • Food grade
  • Seamless
  • UV stable
  • Self-Smoothing / Self- Levelling properties
  • Decorative applications

*This is dependant on the product which is used and its individual properties, contact us for more information

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Areas where polyurethane coatings and screeds are most common

  • Factories
  • Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Breweries, Microbreweries and Distilleries
  • Pubs, cellars and areas where beer is stored
  • Manufacturing
  • Production and Packaging
  • Areas where food and drink are processed in any form
  • Warehouses
  • Areas where a fast-curing floor coating is needed

Our products

Monarcoat 500

This product is a flexible, high-build polyurethane floor coating which has excellent abrasion and impact resistance properties. It is a medium duty coating for floors.


Monarthane is a three-part resin rich, heavy duty polyurethane floor screed product. It is designed to create a floor surface which is resistant to chemical attack as well as withstanding heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This product is used predominantly in brewery flooring.

Monarflow PU

Monarflow PU is a water-based polyurethane self-smoothing resin floor screed which is designed to provide excellent heavy duty usage. It has resistance to thermal shock, abrasion and chemical attack in aggressive industrial environments.

Monarflow PU AS – Anti-Static

A static-dissipative resin based flooring system which is laid at 3mm nominal thickened. The formulation comprises of a unique blend of conductive fillers blended with polyurethane resin components and pigments to provide an attractive smooth matt finish.

Monarcoat Rapid/ Rapid Ultra

Monarcoat Rapid/Rapid Ultra are light stable products with a very good chemical resistance. They are used as fast-curing resin coatings with decorative applications as well as incorporation of anti-slip finishes.


A heavy duty polyurethane resin wall render and skirting system for durable wall/floor junction. Find out more on the resin coved skirting page.

Final Thoughts

Polyurethane as a flooring material has many benefits which have applications in both commercial and industrial settings. Having the right information is vital when making a choose of which floor covering you decide.

Monarch are polyurethane flooring contractors, we install this floor material throughout the UK. We have a lot of experience with this type of resin material and offer free technical advice and site surveys.

If you need any more information on the products we install, have a general enquiry or require up to date data sheets please email info@monarchresinfloors.co.uk

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