Decorative Resin Flooring

Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring

What kind of decorative resin flooring do we install?

Monarch specialises in the installation of decorative resin flooring throughout the UK. The three main styles of resin flooring are as follows;

Flake Finish Resin Flooring Systems
Metallic Resin Flooring Systems
Seamless Resin Floors

When considering a resin flooring solution, you need to know which style is best suited for the environment in which it will be installed. We offer free technical advice so that if you are unsure of what is the best resin flooring system for you and you can not find the information you need from our website, you can give us a call at our main office in Dronfield on 01246 412 222 and speak to one of our technical advisors.

What are the advantages of a resin flooring system?

  • Chemically Resistant
  • Withstands Heavy Loads
  • No Dust
  • Hard Wearing
  • Hygienic
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Anti-Slip properties in wet and dry conditions
  • Safe for Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic

Where can a decorative resin flooring system be installed?

We install resin flooring throughout the UK to many different environments, take a look at our pages dedicated to the two broad sectors we work with.


The main styles of decorative resin flooring;

Flake Finishes

A decorative floor using a flake finish (as shown above) can really transform even a small space into a stunning area. A flake finish resin flooring system is made up of small flakes of colour which is blended together to create a multitude of looks. Our blend of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin flooring systems incorporate such a range of colours that you can create your own individual decorative flooring finish.

We can match colours to the RAL or BS (British Standard) colour chart which has over 200 options of colours available and we can blend those colours into any number of blends which can even have a silver or rainbow effect glitter added in.

Pictured above is just a small sample of the decorative resin blends which have been created and installed.

Our epoxy resin floor products are used in areas where a durable, decorative surface is required. Areas such as kitchens, garages, reception areas, canteens, toilets, corridors, showrooms and any flooring area where a decorative, hard wearing, safe floor is required.

Our Flake Finish Products


One of our decorative flooring products, Monarflake has unique characteristics which enable the designer to create a floor of infinite colour combinations. Any RAL/B.S. or Pantone colour can be used as a base. The flake size and colour blend can be chosen to create unlimited options. Find out more here.


Monarquartz is a decorative resin-based floor screed which presents the end user with the option to design a floor which is unique and offers the highest level of durability.
It is an excellent, durable, aesthetically pleasing floor available in a blend of standard colours or using the option of customer colour blend – can be produced to an infinitive design. Find out more here.

Metallic Resin Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring in the UK is a growing trend which creates a marble appearance using resin flooring and pigments of metallic colour. We install metallic resin flooring across the UK and it is most popular in commercial environments such as a bespoke resin floor in nightclubs or bars. It has the advantage of being durable, easily cleanable and long lasting. It has a seamless, smooth surface with a colourful, metallic, marbled appearance. You can read more about Metallic Resin Flooring here.

Metallic Decorative Resin Flooring

Seamless Resin Flooring

When you are wanting a simple appearance for a resin flooring system we would recommend an installation of seamless resin floor. Put simply this poured resin is most suited in an industrial or commercial environment where a tough surface is required with no added features, just a smooth, clean appearance.

Take a look at some of our products or dedicated pages on industrial, commercial flooring to find out more, or contact us through the form below or visit our contact page.

We have locations in Dronfield, Sheffield, Lancaster, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Leigh, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and install resin flooring throughout the UK.