Decorative Resin Flooring

Recommended Areas

  • Commercial areas
  • Garages (domestic)
  • Reception areas
  • Car showrooms
  • Salons and beauticians
  • Night club flooring
  • Education buildings such as schools
  • Restaurants
  • Doctors surgery

Key Points

  • We install decorative resin finishes throughout the UK in commercial, industrial settings as well as domestic garages
  • There are two main types of decorative flooring we install. These are flake finishes and seamless resin systems using epoxy and polyurethane
  • Flake finish floors are blends of colours creating a speckled effect with a clear resin finish
  • Seamless resin systems are one colour resin floors which can be matt, silk or gloss finishes
  • Decorative Resin Flooring

    Decorative resin flooring is a great way of getting an attractive but durable surface in commercial settings. These floors are not only durable but easy to clean and sanitise making them perfect for the food and drink industry. Cafes, restaurants and retail can enjoy a tough floor which they can customise to their companies image. 
    As a decorative floor resin can be really colourful as either a blend of colours in a flake finish or a single seamless colour. As there are a lot of decisions we offer free technical advice to all of our clients. You can call us at our Dronfield office, use our flooring quote page or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch. 


    • Anti-slip properties in wet and dry conditions
    • Chemical resistance
    • Durable
    • No dust
    • Easy to clean and sanitise
    • Safe for pedestrian and vehicle traffic

    We install resin flooring throughout the UK to many different environments, take a look at our pages dedicated to the sectors we work with. 



    Domestic Garages

    The main styles of decorative flooring;

    Flake Finishes

    A decorative floor using a flake finish system can really transform even a small space into a stunning area. A flake finish resin flooring system is made up of small flakes of colour which is blended together to create a multitude of looks. Our blend of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin flooring systems incorporate such a range of colours that you can create your own individual decorative flooring finish.

    We can match colours to the RAL or BS (British Standard) colour chart which has over 200 options of colours available and we can blend those colours into any number of blends which can even have a silver or rainbow effect glitter added in.

    The blends are created by the client by picking out the colours you would like to incorporate which we then use to generate variations of a blend using a computer programme. You can then see how your blend will appear before it is installed. We can even create hard copy variations of the blend at request and post them to you.

    Below are some of our computer generated blends which are the standard blends which can be chosen from. Or you can create your own with the endless combinations.

    Decorative Flooring Ideas

    A few resin flooring ideas which can be installed using a flake finish system. 

    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring

    Our flake finish products;


    One of our decorative flooring products, Monarflake has unique characteristics which enable the designer to create a floor of infinite colour combinations. Any RAL/B.S. or Pantone colour can be used as a base. The flake size and colour blend can be chosen to create unlimited options. Find out more here.

    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarflake - Decorative Resin Flooring

    Monarquartz is a decorative resin-based floor screed which presents the end user with the option to design a floor which is unique and offers the highest level of durability. As well as this the end floor is durable and attractive. Get in touch or visit our Monarquartz page to find out more. 

    Monarquartz Decorative Resin Flooring
    Monarquartz Decorative Resin Flooring

    Seamless flooring

    When you are wanting a simple appearance for a resin flooring system we would recommend an installation of seamless resin floor. This poured epoxy resin or polyurethane is most suited in an industrial,  commercial or even domestic environments where a tough surface is required. It has a smooth appearance which can be gloss or matt effect and is easy to clean and sanitise.

    This type of poured resin is popular for car showroom floors, domestic garages, heavy duty commercial buildings and so on.

    Final Thoughts

    In summary, using a decorative resin flooring system can be a great way to create a floor which is heavy duty and attractive. You can choose from either a one colour look with a seamless epoxy or polyurethane. Or, you can create your own blend using as many colours or tones of colours as you want. 

    A flake finish resin floor is usually made from four or five different colours  in blends of black, grey, white and then tones of the colour of your choice. Of course you can instead go for something which is more colourful, you can change the flake blend until you find the right one for you. 

    We also install seamless epoxy resin and polyurethane systems which are heavy-duty and easy to clean. These come in a variety of colours and finishes such as gloss, mat and silk. Take a look at our colour chart page for more insight into the colours we install. 

    We carry out free site surveys and evaluations as well as offering free technical advice. Take a look at some of our products or dedicated pages on industrialcommercial flooring to find out more, or contact us through the form below or visit our contact page.

    Monarch has offices in  Sheffield, Lancaster, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and install resin flooring throughout the UK. We have installed our resin systems in Leeds, Grimsby, Manchester, London and so one and bring all our knowledge to every job we complete.