Generally speaking, a resin coved skirting is a junction between a wall and a resin floor. It is used to create a curve within the floor that leads up the wall to a certain height so that there are no edges. As a result of this, no dirt, bacteria or anything else will get trapped between the wall and floors edge. This form of coved skirting is used in wet areas as a form of waterproofing, in food factories to prevent bacteria from getting trapped between wall and floor and also as a hygienic flooring solution.

A resin coving or skirting is created when a resin floor is first installed. To complete a tanked resin system, a coved resin skirting can be formed to present a sealed wall/floor junction. Usually formed into a metal or plastic trim affixed to the wall. 

In most instances, when a floor is installed there is a clean edge or ‘seam’ where the two meet. Having a junction between the wall and floor eliminates dirt, dust and bacteria getting trapped in that seam where the wall and floor meet. Resin coved skirting makes the floor more hygienic and easier to clean in both wet and dry conditions.

Falls in the floor and stainless steel drainage can also be added in areas which deal with a lot of water or other liquids creating a system where the liquids are directed into drainage rather than standing still on the floor.   

resin coved skirting

Where is coved skirting used

Resin coved skirting

specialist product - monarcove

Monarcove is a strong coating for walls and floors that can handle a lot of wear and tear. You can use it for wall-to-floor corners or on any vertical surface. It’s made of three parts and you need a trowel to apply it. You usually use it with Monarthane, which is another type of coating, to make a strong floor and skirting system. When you put Monarcove on, you get a smooth and solid surface that can handle hot water and is easy to clean. The Monarcove also covers the corner where the floor meets the wall to create a skirting.

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Summary - Resin Coved Skirting

To conclude, resin coved skirting is a form of floor installation which creates a curved join between the wall and the floor. This join not only makes the floor easy to clean, but it also makes it hard for any bacteria or dirt to get trapped in the edges. As a result this creates a more hygienic setting which works best in food and drink facilities as well as industrial settings. 

Monarch are a leading resin flooring contractor which installs resin skirting and coving across the UK. We have worked with a lot of food and drinks facilities over the past thirty years making sure their floors are both durable and fit for purpose. As well as being knowlagable in our trade we are also relisable and take pride in what we install. We have offices in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lancashire and install through out the UK. As well as resin coved skirting we also install epoxy coatings and polyurethane screeds. 

Monarch have been members of the Resin Flooring Association for over 10 years now and are accredited, approved installers by Safe Contractor and Constructionline.

As well as installing our own brand of products we also install from other reliable resin manufacturers. This includes RESDEV and   Remmers while creating our coved skirting.

To get in touch with us, you can use the contact form on this page. You can also visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch. We get back to you within two working days and give free technical advice.

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