Resin Screeds & Coatings - Differences explained

On this page we will take a look into both resin screeds and resin coatings to find out what sets them apart. With this information, you should be able to make a choice between the two depending on what needs you have of your floor. However, we do give free technical advice and conduct site surveys so that we can give you the best floor possible. Skip to the end of the page to see the main bullet points.

Resin Screeds

When you are looking for a durable resin floor, you may be considering whether you need a resin screed or coating. Here we have underlined why you may need to choose a resin screed instead. A resin screed is generally hand trowelled and laid at around 6mm in thickness. Because of this, it will generally be the more durable option than a coating. This does, however, mean that there is more material being used which can lead to higher costs. As well as this factor, the level of skill needed to install a resin screed may be higher than a coating. These are all things which will need to be considered.

However, when looking into the costing of resin flooring options although a resin screed may cost more to install, it is likely to last longer than a resin coating. This is due to the thickness in which it is installed.

You may find that a resin screed will be suggested if you have an uneven floor. This is because of the way the floor is installed, as it is hand trowelled the end appearance of an uneven floor may be better than if using a resin coating.

You may also find a resin screed in the harshest environments. This will include heavy industrial and commercial settings. This is a hygienic resin floor screed which you would find in settings such as GPs, Dental Practices and Hospitals. Even though it is a trowel applied resin, the resin screed can also come in a range of decorative options such as coloured quartz.

Advantages of a resin screed

*dependant on the product installed

epoxy resin screeds

Here is an example of an epoxy resin screed which we install across the UK. Get in touch for more products we install via our contact page. For more of the product options, please visit our products page.


Monarquartz is a decorative resin-based floor screed which presents the end user with the option to design a floor which is unique and offers the highest level of durability.

This resin screed creates an excellent, durable, aesthetically pleasing floor available in a blend of standard colours or using the option of customer colour blend – can be produced to an infinitive design. There is also a flexible grade of Monarquartz, it is available for application to substrates which are subject to movement-such as steel mezzanine decks and wooden floors. This is called Monarquartz FX.

Recommended uses


resin screeds Monarquartz warehouse floor
Monarquartz resin screeds

Resin Coatings

Unlike a resin screed, a resin coating is flow applied using a back and forth motion with a roller. Because of this, it is an easier floor to lay. As a result, a resin coating is a less expensive option when considering a resin flooring system. This is also due to a resin coating needing less material than a screed as it does not need the same level of thickness.

Another reason a resin coating may be used is that it is a quicker material to lay. In a busy factory setting, a floor which is quick and easy to lay is essential. Unlike a resin screed, resin coatings can be polyaspartic which is a fast-cure resin system.

advantages of Resin Coatings

*dependant on the product installed

Resin Coatings example product

Here is an example of a resin coating which we install across the UK. Get in touch for more products we install or visit our product page.

Monarcoat 700

Monarcoat 700 is an epoxy resin coating used where a fast-cure is required. It is an attractive, dust-free chemical and abrasion resistant floor coating. Monarcoat 700 is based on a blend of epoxy resins, mineral fillers and solvents.

Moreover, Monarcoat 700 is mainly used to make resin lines and chevrons. These mark out areas to be kept clear or create walkways for example. Monarcoat 700 can be loaded with high pigment levels to produce white and safety yellow colours without opacity problems.

Because it has fast-cure properties, areas and lines can be marked out and coated, and be re-coated within a few hours. Monarcoat 700 is a two pack product. Add the contents of the hardener into the base tin and stir mechanically for 2-3 minutes.

Applied by medium pile roller (or radiator roller for lines) in two separate applications.

resin flooring industrial floor paint
Gripple Sheffield - Monarch resin flooring

Main Differences between a Resin Screed and Resin Coatings

The main differences between a resin creed and resin coating are the thickness, method of application, level of durability and overall cost. Here is a table to better explain them.

Resin Screed

Resin coating

In conclusion, there are many factors which need to be looked at when working out whether you need a screed or coating resin. Therefore, it is best to ask for advice from your resin flooring contractor. This is why Monarch offer free technical advice and will come to visit you on site before you make a decision.

We install resin flooring throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade.

Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch with Monarch about any type of resin floor you can use the contact form below. For more ways to get in touch, you can visit our contact page or visit us at our Dronfield office.

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