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Monarch are a leading, UK wide installer of epoxy resin flooring systems, polyurethane resin flooring screeds and appropriate floor paints for the industrial, commercial and domestic marketplace

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We install a wide range of specialist resin flooring systems throughout the UK. If you take a look at our services menu at the top of the website you can browse through some of those services which we provide to the INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC marketplace. You can also take a look at some of the products which we install. We are here to help you with all the technical side, so don't worry if you are not sure which type of flooring system you need - you can call our office on 01246 412 222 for FREE, NO OBLIGATION ADVICE. Our technical team are here to help. We offer resin floors with different capabilities so be sure to let us know whether you need your floors to be anti-slip, anti-static, have chemical resistant properties or any other factors that you require so we can make the right decision on your advanced resin flooring system.


We pride ourselves in being able to install resin flooring which is tailor made to its individual industry. Whether it is a large scale industrial factory unit, a commercial warehouse or a domestic garage. We make sure that you have the right resin flooring system for the right environment.

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LearnMoreResin flooring systems are the ideal solution to issues of health and safety in factories. Whether that is Food & Drink Factories which need a hygienic, anti-slip flooring system, or Large Scale Manufacturing Plants which need Demarcation and Line Marking as well as a floor which is has chemical resistant properties. Our flooring systems can be tailor made to suit all industrial needs.



LearnMoreOur Decorative flooring systems are ideal in the use of commercial properties, they give a unique and customizable finish and remain anti-slip and hard wearing. We also have Polyaspartic flooring systems which are fast-cure so that you would only need a few hours before your floor is ready – this can also be useful in the industrial sector to reduce a factories down-time.

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LearnMoreResin flooring systems are ideal within the Domestic marketplace to transform a properties garage, kitchen, workshop, living space or reception area. These flake finish systems are Decorative and completely unique so you can use any blend of the unlimited colour options we install. We also create unique Metallic flooring designs which are your chosen colours blended into a one of a kind marble appearance.

When it comes to resin flooring systems all the technical information can be overwhelming and there are a lot of aspects to consider. Let us do the research for you and bring our expertise to your project. We offer FREE TECHNICAL ADVICE to anyone who calls so that they have the perfect resin flooring system which is bespoke to their individual requirements. 01246 412 222

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Specialist Services


Slip Resistant Flooring

Areas which deal with oil and other liquids require a resin flooring system which has slip resistant qualities in both wet and dry conditions to help avoid any potential hazards LearnMore

Antistatic Flooring

Manufacturing and industrial processes there can be a build up of static electricity which can cause a risk to both the workers and the equipment which they use. Our Antistatic Flooring systems can prevent the dangers which excess static build up can create. LearnMore

Hygienic Flooring

Our range of hygienic flooring aims to provide a seamless floor which is dust-free, easily cleanable, has chemical resistance and still remains durable. LearnMore

Polyaspartic Flooring

In instances where a seamless resin flooring system is needed but its crucial to have a product which has a lower cure time Polyaspartic flooring is a great solution. It has fast curing properties meaning the floor will be ready to walk on much faster, leaving less down time for businesses.LearnMore