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Resin Flooring contractors based in Derbyshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Monarch installs resin flooring systems for the industrial and commercial sector across the UK as well as domestic garages local to our offices.


This includes epoxy resin flooring, non-slip systems and heavy-duty resin floors. We are specialist applicators of resin for the warehouses, factories and the manufacturing sector installing durable flooring solutions and resin line marking. Our Monargrip system is used widely in the automotive sector providing a durable and slip resistant flooring solution.


For the food & drink sector, we design brewery flooring, install ‘food safe’ resin systems and hygienic resin flooring for commercial kitchens. We also install decorative flake finish flooring systems which are hugely popular in the commercial sector as well as domestic garages.


Monarch has been installing advanced resin flooring systems for over thirty years and bring all that knowledge to each project we take on.

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We offer free technical advice on resin flooring. As well as quotations, product recommendations and free on site surveys.

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As epoxy resin flooring contractors, we install a wide range of epoxy floor systems throughout the UK. Epoxy resin is used as a high build, non-slip and tough resin flooring system.

Ideal for industrial settings including factories and warehouses. It has certain levels of chemical resistance and can be installed with anti-slip properties It also  has decorative options and provides a seamless, smooth finish. 

Polyurethane flooring provides high chemical resistance and a heavy-duty finish.  It can also be a food-grade or ‘food safe’ product which means it has unique applications in the food and drink sector. 

You will mainly find this type of floor in a food and drink factory or brewery due to its hygienic properties. You will also find polyurethane flooring in industrial settings as a heavy-duty floor coating.

An example of fast curing resin is polyaspartic. It is mainly installed in areas which are in high use due to its short curing time. They are ideal for busy factories which have short shut down periods. 

If installed in the correct conditions, a fast curing resin flooring will be ready for light traffic a few hours after the final coat is applied. As a result, a busy factory would be able to continue as normal with only minimal disturbance. 

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resin flooring for factories

A durable resin flooring system is perfect for factories with high footfall. We can work with you to install during factory downtime and install around any machinery which can’t be moved. We can also install a  food grade resin system where needed in food factories.

automotive resin flooring

Monarch are leaders in the installation of resin flooring within the automotive sector. Whether its car workshops, commercial garages or car showrooms. Our anti slip resin systems are perfect for the industry and have a high quality finish.

Brewery Flooring

We install polyurethane resin systems with high chemical resistance. One of our key products, Monarthane, is perfect for brewery floors as it will not be affected by brewing chemicals the way that concrete will. This gives a long lasting floor which is easy to clean and sanitise.

Resin flooring for warehouses

Resin flooring is hard wearing against forklift traffic as well as machinery. This makes it a perfect flooring to use in a warehouse or storage facility. We can also install gangways using our line marking resins to help with performance and health and safety.

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In 1987, Alan Dawes started Monarch and moved into the first office on Archer Road in Sheffield. Three generations later and four more locations, the company continues to install advanced resin flooring systems throughout the UK. Including epoxy resin flooring, polyurethane and polyaspartic systems. Our main office is in Dronfield, Derbyshire. Here you can speak to a member of our team for free technical advice and view samples of the floor we install. We also offer free site visits to your location  – call now to book an appointment with a member of our team  01246 412 222


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We offer free technical advice on resin flooring. As well as quotations, product recommendations and free on site surveys.