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Flake Finish Resin Flooring

A seamless resin garage floor is usually installed using a hard wearing epoxy resin. This epoxy floor can be installed in a number of standard colours. Our products can also be specially manufactured in a wide range of RAL or British Standard colours. We can also install self levelling epoxy resin for an uneven floor.

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Seamless epoxy resin Garage Flooring

A flake finish resin floor is made up of tiny pieces of coloured vinyl which can be made from hundreds of colour choices. These colours are then put together to create what is known as a blend. The blends are usually made up of four or five different colours and we have 15 standard blends to choose from. The flake blend is then layered between resin. 

Please note that at this time we can only install garage flooring in and around the Derbyshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire areas.

Why choose a resin flooring solution for your garage?

A resin garage floor is a great way to create a high-end look while maintaining a durable and long-lasting garage floor. The two types of resin flooring applications we normally undertake on garages are  epoxy resin coatings and epoxy resin floor toppings. There create a seamless resin floor which is easy to clean and very durable. If your concrete floor is in poor condition, a seamless resin floor topping (Monarflow) should be considered. 


If you are looking for a more decorative appearance then a flake finish system is perfect as a highly customisable, attractive flooring system. 


Monarch carries out all the appropriate dust free mechanical preparation to ensure adhesion of our products. This may be in the form of shot blasting or diamond grinding. If you have a floor which is particularly uneven or in need of repair. We can fill in any holes which need attention with an epoxy mortar and discuss whether a self-levelling pourable resin floor may be a better option to get that smooth finish. 


Seamless garage floors

Along with the more decorative resin flooring systems, for a simple and seamless finish, an epoxy resin can really make a huge difference to your garage floor. 


As a garage floor paint, a resin coating creates a smooth surface which is tough against day to day wear from pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Epoxy resin can be installed in a number of different standard colours. However, if you have a specific colour in mind, we can match it to the nearest RAL or British Standard tone.


The standard colours are mainly tones of grey and blue along with greens and red.  Take a look at our colour chart for a look at the popular colour tones. 

epoxy resin garage flooring
Resin Garage Floor Sheffield

Flake finish resin flooring

A flake finish floor is a great way to make sure your garage floor is durable and still to your colour pallet. Flake finish systems are made of three layers. A coloured  epoxy resin, a flake blend and a clear resin coat on top. 


We have 15 standard blends to choose from, each with their own uniqueness. You can add in different colours of glitter to give the floor an extra shimmer in the light. The Cosmo 001 and Midnight 015 blends come with glitter as standard.


We send out free samples of our resin flooring standard blends, just fill out our sample request form


For larger projects we can work with you to create your own blend to suit your colour pallet. This could be a completely new blend, or it can be one of our blends with a slight difference. For example, more of one colour and less of another.


step 1

Get in touch and speak to a member of our technical team.

step 2

Work with us to find the right product and choose your colour options

step 3

Finalise your choices and pick an installation date

step 4

Installation of your new resin garage flooring system

Colour Chart - Flake finish flooring

decorative resin flooring flake finish cosmo blend
001 - COSMO
decorative resin flooring flake finish taupe blend
002 - TAUPE
decorative resin flooring flake finish titanium blend
decorative resin flooring flake finish slate blend
004 - SLATE
005 - SKY monarflake colour
005 - SKY
decorative resin flooring flake finish arctic blend
006 - ARCTIC
decorative resin flooring flake finish pebble blend
007 - PEBBLE
decorative resin flooring flake finish ember blend
008 - EMBER
decorative resin flooring flake finish garnet blend
009 - GARNET
decorative resin flooring flake finish oatmeal blend
decorative resin flooring flake finish ocean blend
011 - OCEAN
decorative resin flooring flake finish canary blend
012 - CANARY
decorative resin flooring flake finish woodland blend
decorative resin flooring flake finish sunrise blend
decorative resin flooring flake finish midnight blend

Please Note: The Cosmo – 001 blend includes a rainbow/holographic glitter. The Midnight 015 contains blue/green glitter as standard.

Glitter of various colour choices can be added to many of our standard blends. These standard samples are all installed on a light grey resin colour and have a gloss finish. The brightness of your device may slightly alter the appearance of the blend. 

free sample service

You can order a sample of any of our standard flake finish resin flooring blends. Click on the link below and simply fill out our sample request form.

Colour Chart - Epoxy resin flooring

Here are some of the most popular epoxy resin colours which we install in garages. You can see more of the standard colours here

Please note that the colour brightness of your device will slightly alter the way the colours look. If you need any more information, please get in touch with our technical team through the contact form below, visit our contact page or call our main office on 01246 412 222.

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