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What does food grade resin mean? A food grade resin is a solvent-free system which does not contaminate or spoil open food or beverage. In the processing, manufacturing and packaging of food and drink, it is important that a resin system, when placed in these environments, does not ‘taint’ the produce.

Food safe flooring is used in both industrial flooring and commercial settings. This may be as a food and drink factory floor, commercial kitchen or within food processing/packaging. It is vital to install a resin floor that is food grade due to health and safety/hygiene reasons. 

As well as being food safe, a resin floor can also have high chemical resistance, be a hygienic flooring option and offer high impact resistance against forklift traffic. All of these reasons and more make a resin floor which is food grade perfect for the food and drink industry. Including breweries, food and drink manufacturing, processing, commercial kitchens and factories

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Advantages of food grade resin*

*Polyaspartic (fast-curing), polyurethane and epoxy resin have different properties at different levels. For advantages on each resin separately please view their individual page. Moreover, if you would like free technical advice. Please get in touch with Monarch via the contact page and we can find the right resin instalment for you. 

Chemical Resistance

Within the food and drink industry, the use of acidic byproducts such as any animal fats, starches, sugars etc may attack the chemical structure of a cement surface. This creates an uneven floor which can be hazardous to the workforce. The correct resin floor will resist attack by a wide range of chemicals due to its high chemical resistance. Resin flooring is also effective when dealing with any hot/cold oils, sugars, blood or grease that may occur in the production process. This creates a safer environment to work by eliminating the possibility of surface corrosion. 

A polyurethane resin system (such and our Monarthane product) has a higher chemical resistance than epoxy resin. So it is important to review both resins and their resistance to the chemicals which could be found during the factories production process. 

Cleaning a food grade resin floor

A food grade resin system should be easily cleanable. Therefore, the resin should not react to chemicals which will be used to sanitise the floor on a regular basis. Moreover, the resin system should be steam cleanable up to a certain temperature to aid in sanitation. 

Food grade resin systems are applied as a seamless flooring system. The surface does not trap any dirt, dust or other substances making it easier to clean.  It is essential in a food preparation environment that it is a quick process to sanitise prep areas so production is not affected. It is important that the correct cleaning equipment is used to facilitate this.  

Food Grade Resin Flooring

Anti-slip properties

Within the food and drink production industry there may be damp surfaces or spills which may occur. Within a food grade resin flooring system, aggregates can be added to increase the grip of a floor. This will aid the safety aspect of a particular location by reducing the risk of slips and trips.

In particularly wet areas falls in the floor may also be created with added drainage is necessary. Polyurethane resins also offer a moist tolerant surface which helps within industries such as those involved with the brewing process and other beverage manufacturing industries. 

Durable surfaces

The durability of a resin floor provides a surface that is resistant to light and heavy footfall or vehicle traffic. A resin floor is particularly suitable for a food factory installation. 

In commercial kitchens and busy retail environments floors are in constant use by customers and workers. A resin coating is durable against that constant footfall of a busy commercial setting making it last longer than other substrates and be a cost-effective solution.

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In conclusion, if you are working within an industry which handles food and drink in any way a food grade resin flooring system is essential.  Because of the way the resin is installed, its seamless finish creates a hygienic flooring system. Furthermore, the versatility and durability of the resin make it a cost-effective system which can withstand high levels of pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

As well as this, the resin can be customised into a decorative system in instances such as cafes and commercial kitchens to create a clean, inviting appearance

Moreover, the added grip which can be created makes a safer working environment for processing and manufacturing food and drink. 

Additionally, Monarch are food grade resin flooring specialists and are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Halifax. We install resin flooring throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. 

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