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Monarch are resin flooring contractors with bases in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lancashire. One of our office bases is in Leigh, in the Lancashire/Greater Manchester areas and serves as a call point for sales and on site staff. Our main office is in Dronfield adjacent to Chesterfield, but we conduct free site surveys throughout Lancashire. This includes all the Greater Manchester areas, as well as Burnley, Preston and Blackburn etc.

Monarch install resin flooring within factories, warehouses, and all aspects of the industrial, manufacturing and automotive sectors. We install a range of versatile resin systems including conductive flooring, food grade floors, anti slip systems as well as general resin coatings and screeds. We work with our clients to find them the right resin system for their flooring needs. For example, whether you need a floor which is resistant to temperature changes, has a high chemical resistance or needs to withstand heavy traffic or machinery, we can help you find the right floor for you. We install resin flooring Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and all the surrounding area and have so for the past 30 years. We are a well established, professional service which not only installs resin flooring, but designs the right flooring solution for you, deals with all the industrial preparation and gives you aftercare and maintenance advice.

To get in touch with a member of our team, head to the contact form at the end out the page or go to our contact page. We respond to all enquiries and emails within a few working days. We also give free technical advice and product recommendations. You can also get in touch with us through our Lancashire number on 01942 679412

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Epoxy Flooring Lancashire

Epoxy is a widely used resinous product which is versatile to many settings. It can come as an epoxy paint coating or as an epoxy system which can have added properties. We install epoxy flooring Lancashire and the Greater Manchester areas and have done so for the last thirty years. Epoxy resin is installed as a flow applied method which is a back and forth motion with a roller. It does not need the same level of thickness as a resin screed but still have a great level of durability and suits many industrial and commercial settings. this includes factories, manufacturing, production facilities, automotive sector and commercial settings. 

As a resin flooring material, epoxy can have anti slip properties, can be used as conductive flooring and is widely used for its decorative properties. It gives the floor a seamless appearance and comes in a wide variety of colours. This is why it is used a lot as a resin line marking product to add in gangways, bay lines, hatched areas, loading bays etc to factories and other industrial settings. 

resin Screeds

A resin screed is a hand trowelled system which is used in areas where a resin coating doesn’t meet the needs of the floor. They are mainly found in industrial areas due to its durability against heavy machinery, forklifts, high traffic and footfall. Generally a resin screed will last longer than a resin coating, depending on the use of the floor so can be a long term and cost effective solution. It is usually laid at at least 6mm thickness and can even out and appearance of a floor

Resin screeds are also found in harsh environments as well as clinical ones. These can be GP’s, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospitals as well as many other settings. It is a versatile product which you may want to consider when choosing your floor. We install resin screeds and resin flooring in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. If you’re not sure which system or product would suit you then we give free technical advice and product recommendations. You can get in touch with us via our contact page. You can also check out the page ‘Resin coatings and screeds explained‘ for a detailed comparison of the two. 

Concrete floor repairs

Although resinous products are long lasting, they do not last forever and need proper upkeep and maintenance. This can vary depending on the use of the floor and how much it is used. Certain areas you may find need attention sooner than other and may require patching of areas and repairs. A resin floor can be repaired rather than replaced in a lot of cases. This can save time and money. Floors can be repaired with epoxy mortar and areas can be repainted when important safety features have faded over time. Areas such as those within a food and drink factor may require constant upkeep depending on their use.  

Floor repairs are essential to make sure that the working floor is safe for both employees and customers. We can help with the upkeep of your facilities floor to make sure it stays safe to use. Get in touch now using the contact form below or through our contact page and discuss your flooring needs with us today

Factory Flooring Lancashire

Factor floors within Lancashire and the surrounding areas have been installed by Monarch for the past thirty years. 

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Monarch are members of the Resin Flooring Association, are Safe Contractor Approved and hold Gold Constructionline certification. We pride ourselves on good client relationships and get back to all emails and contact form submissions within two working days. We work with you to find the right flooring solution. Monarch installs resin flooring in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and the Merseyside areas. This includes Lancaster, Fulwood, Bolton, Wigan and Liverpool. To find out more about us, get in touch using the contact form below. You can also head to our contact page, or call us on 01942 679412

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