gangway flooring refresh at Sheffield manufacturers

When a factory is busy, the constant traffic from footfall and forklifts creates wear on resin flooring. As a result, any line marking paint will become fainter and gangways will be less defined. For safety reasons, it is always a good idea to refresh line marking every 1-2 years, depending on the amount of use on the floor. To prevent a floor from becoming too worn, having a maintenance schedule for the upkeep of the floor is very beneficial.

Project requirements

In this case, the manufacturer had previously painted resin flooring which had started to become worn due to heavy use. Due to the busy schedule of the factory access was restricted to 12:00 pm Saturday up to 6:00 pm Sunday. Because the floor would need to be walked on again the next day, a fast curing resin needed to be used. A fast curing resin is still durable and hard-wearing. However, its cure time is reduced to a few hours. As this factory needed to walk on the floor the next day, a Monarcoat FC (fast-cure) was used.  It took a period of five weekends in total to complete the walkways and work areas of the factory due to the time restraints.

Finished Flooring

As with a lot of resin flooring installations, colour can be an important factor. In this case, the client chose a specific RAL blue which we were able to have specially manufactured. The gangways are still to have their line marking paint added as well as the surrounding floor areas. As you can see from the images we are able to install the resin flooring around the machines. These were covered by the client before work started so that dust and paint would not get on the machines.

epoxy fast cure resin
industrial resin flooring

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