Monarflow PU AS – Antistatic

Antistatic Flooring - Monarch - Step by step process

Anti-static polyurethane flooring system used to combat static charge build-up in areas which use and produce small electrical components

What is Monarflow PU AS

Monarflow PU AS is a static-dissipative resin based flooring system which is laid at 3mm nominal thickened. The formulation comprises of a unique blend of conductive fillers blended with polyurethane resin components & pigments to provide an attractive smooth matt finish.


  • Static-dissipative seamless matt finish
  • Hard wearing durable floor for industrial use
  • Ease of application
  • Hygienic
  • Decorative – available in an attractive range of colours
  • Excellent abrasion and impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Smooth finish for precise operating equipment

Recommended Uses

  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Electrical industrial areas
  • Explosive factories
  • Television studios
  • Operating theatres
  • Chemical plants
  • Studios

Supplied in 16kg units

Technical information

The following figures are obtained from laboratory tests and our experience with this product.
Slip resistance: Dry > 54
Life expectancy: 5 years plus
Subject to industrial traffic
Terms and conditions will apply


To achieve the best performance from Monarflow PU AS the correct surface preparation is essential. Substrates must be clean, sound, dry and free of surface laitance with a minimum strength of 25N/mm². All surfaces must be prepared by vacuum blasting or mechanical abrasion.

Copper tapes

In order static-dissipative systems to function effectively, it is essential that the system connects to electrical earth. Where ground floor slabs are laid direct to earth this is often sufficient. Where floors are not directly in contact or earthing is poor then copper strips should be laid onto the floor and connected to form a grid and secured to a suitable earthing point. The copper tapes should be applied following priming method as below;


Monarflow PU AS can be applied onto a cured coat of Monarprime two-pack epoxy. Coverage 22 sq.m. per 5kg. unit. Rough or porous surfaces may require an additional coat of Monarprime. It is essential that the primer coat seals the substrate so no air pockets or cavities remain.
Following installation of priming units and copper tapes a coat of Monarprimeconductive primer should be applied to full covering.


Monarflow PU AS should be mixed adjacent to the application area, and that materials are placed conveniently to ensure minimal lost time during the application process. Variation in mixing times and delays in application can result in inconsistency and colour variation.

Thoroughly premix the coloured base component ensuring any settled pigment is recovered, then add the hardener component and mix to an even consistency (1 minute). Using a rotary drum mixer or similar forced action miser bowl add the aggregate component steadily and then add the conductive component and mix thoroughly for a maximum 2-3 minutes to ensure a lump free homogenous compound.

When thoroughly mixed the compound should be poured evenly over the appropriate area to be covered (monitoring the rate of coverage to ensure correct depth of the screed). Low floor temperature and reduced thickness may reduce the flow properties of these products. Work out the mix rapidly and evenly over the area with a notched towel, pin rake or similar to the appropriate thickness. Roll immediately with a spiked roller to achieve an even smooth surface and remove entrapped air.

Application conditions

Temperature 5-25°C
Category Guide
FeRFA Category: 5

You can find out more about the application of antistatic flooring and the step by step process of its installation on our Antistatic Page

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