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Key Points

What type of tarmac painting and resin car parks do we install

The use of a resin flooring system in a car park provides a chemical resistant, colourful, safe, durable surface. There are two different types of car park resin flooring we install. These are classified as intermediate level car park decking and top level parking using our Monardeck product. 

Monardeck I.L.

Monardeck Intermediate Level car park decking is a resin based flooring system for intermediate decks. It provides a floor which will withstand motor fuel emissions and salts, and provide an anti-slip, low-maintenance floor which will withstand vehicular and pedestrian trafficking. 

Monardeck T.L.P.

Monardeck Top Level Parking provides all of the qualities of the Monardeck I.L. It also provides an elastomeric waterproof floor, preventing ingress of moisture to lower levels. The system can also be used s a roofing system and for other waterproofing installations. 

Why is resin used in car parks

Multistory car parks can have hundreds of cars coming and going throughout the day, so it is important to use a substrate which is durable in those conditions. A resin surface is a very strong system and can with the correct specification withstand the amount of traffic which car parks have without going into disrepair.

Resin car parks can be installed both as interior or exterior parking solutions. The material is waterproof and can be made as a slip resistant or chemical resistant surface depending on resin applied. The resin can also have UV stable properties so the colouring will not fade by the sunlight. A resin floor will also withstand salts brought in by cars and oil spillage damage, being an impervious finish. 

In wintery conditions, the chemical resistant properties help reduce the effects of road salt which may be brought in by vehicles. 

Before and after images showing the transformation a resin car parking system can achieve. Used with resin line marking a stainless steel drainage. This shows the resin strengthening the existing floor, coving the damage and vastly improving the appearance. 

resin car park painting

Customising a car park

When requesting a car park surface, a resin floor can come in many different colours. You can use the resin colours to designate bays, keep an area clear or to indicate a walkway for pedestrians. 

As well as a colourful area, our Monarcoat 700 product can also be used as a line marking resin. This can be useful in situations where numbering or symbols are needed on bays. It is also used to outline resin areas or create hatched areas which are to be kept clear. 

Car showrooms can particularly benefit from a resin system both inside and out. When displaying the latest model of cars outside of the showroom, a resin system will create a high-end look to compliment the cars on show. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a resin flooring system in a car park can be a cost-effective durable solution. Furthermore, you would have a surface which is customisable. In instances such as car showrooms, this could be a key element in presenting your best cars on a seamless, customised floor. Car parks legally have to designate bays for different types of use. A resin system can also be manufactured in many different colours which can be used to designate these bays.

Another way to use a colourful resin is to create walkways for pedestrians so that in a busy car park they can find their way through safely. As well as designating a bay by colour, you can also add lines with resin to created hatched areas and mark out individual bays

As well as this a resin flooring system can be a great investment in car park solutions and provide a tough surface for high traffic areas.

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