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Resin floor is used a lot within the commercial sector because of its durability. Resin flooring is hard wearing against constant pedestrian traffic and has many decorative options of finishes. 

It may be installed within retail areas or it is also widely used in storage warehouses and shipment areas of retail premises. Showrooms are also an ideal setting for a resin floor as an added style feature which is tough against daily use. As well as those areas, resin flooring is found in commercial kitchens and breweries due to its hygienic properties and resistant to certain chemicals.

Resin flooring is a versatile material and has applications in many areas in lots of sectors.

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Commercial kitchen flooring

Commercial kitchens are installed with resin due to its tough and easy to clean nature. The resin coved skirting which is used forms a join between the wall and floor creating a surface which does not trap dirt, oil or animal fats. Due to this, resin flooring is often found in commercial kitchens as the sanitation process is easier. Food grade resin flooring can be installed which is non taint as it is solvent free. Get in touch via our contact page and speak to a member of our technical team for advice. 

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Resin flooring has many benefits depending on what product you are going to install. for a best product fit, go to our contact page and get in touch with a member of our team. One of the main reason why resin flooring is used is because of its tough surface. Like concrete, it can take the weight of vehicles and machinery when installed at the right thickness. Unlike concrete, resin can be installed in many different systems. These can be food grade, anti slip, decorative and with coved skirting to name a few. 

Food grade resin flooring is perfect for commercial kitchens as well as food processing facilities. It is solvent and dust-free so will not taint any food production. An anti-slip resin flooring product such as Monargrip is installed at different levels of grip. The added grip within the floor creates a surface that is slip-resistant in both wet and dry conditions. Coved skirting is an easy way to create a hygienic flooring system. This method is used to ensure that bacteria, oils and fats do not get trapped between the floor and wall. 

Resin can also come in many decorative forms. it can be a seamless epoxy resin system, or as a flake finish colourful finish. You can also have a decorative quartz system such as Monarquartz which is a hard-wearing, decorative system. 

It is clear that resin flooring has a lot of elements, which can make it difficult to figure out what is best for you. That is why we have a dedicated team to answer all of your questions. Take a look at ways you can get in touch with us through our contact page.

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Having the right commercial flooring system can really make a big difference to image and productivity in a commercial setting. Before you make a decision it is a good idea to look over all the reasons why resin might be the right choice. We have lots of pages which show just how versatile resin and its different types are. Compared to other types of floor you might see in a commercial setting, a resin system is certainly a great option to consider. 

Finally, Monarch is based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Leicester. We install resin flooring throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. We also offer free technical advice and site visits.

Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch with Monarch about commercial resin flooring you can use the contact form below. For more ways to get in touch, you can visit our contact page or visit us at our Dronfield office.

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