What is a hygienic resin flooring system?

In instances when cleanliness is key to a business we can provide a high quality hygienic resin flooring solution. This can range from factories which handles food or drink, to pharmacies and beauticians. We can create a hygienic resin flooring system for you which is easy to clean and fits in with your personal appearance.

Our hygienic floors can be customised to suit the image of your company. We can add designs to these floors to create a feature in your waiting areas. Or create a glitter effect in reception areas with our flake finishes.

Resin flooring is a very hygienic solution to any environment and it can really add a clean, smooth look to your floor.

We install resin flooring for the retail, commercial and industrial market and have a high level of standard and professionalism. Monarch have been creating hygienic resin flooring systems for the past 30 years and bring that experience to every job we take on.

Call us today and our technical team can help you create the perfect style of floor for you which meets all your industries health and safety standards.

Hygienic resin flooring - beauticians - monarch

What industries specifically benefit from hygienic flooring?

Food & Drink Factories






Veterinary Buildings


Leisure Facilities


Above are just some of the industries which can benefit from a hygienic flooring system. It is clear that the use of a hygienic resin floor is a key factor for many industries. If you are still not sure on whether a hygienic floor would benefit you, do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our technical team can go through all the options with you.

Examples of installed hygienic resin flooring systems



hygienic resin flooring - monarch

Above is a resin floor which was installed within a school. It was installed using a fake finish to create a seamless decorative floor as you can see from the picture. This blend was designed utilising different shades of grey, white and black flake, however as you can see in detail on the decorative flooring page there is an unlimited range of colours and mixes which you can use to add your own personal branding/style.

Food Factories

Hygienic resin flooring - food grade

Pictured above is a food factory which deals in the preparation of bacon. The resin floor which has been laid is hygienic so will be easily cleanable, anti slip and can withstand the wear of forklift and pallet traffic. The colouring is a Salsa Red, this is a practical colour which matches the companies branding/product.

As you can see from the examples there are many different styles and blends we can use to create a resin floor which suits your needs. Whether it be a smooth finish with circular detail for that professional look in a beauticians, a flake finish to create a certain style with colour blends (glitter is also optional) or whether it is a food factory floor which needs to be hard wearing and practical.

If you need any more information on the hygienic flooring which we install please see ourĀ contact page and get in touch with our technical team. You can also use the contact form below or call us on 01246 412 222