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Monarcoat Rapid/Rapid Ultra

A fast curing polyurethane floor coating primarily used in busy environments and areas in constant use such as staircases and fire exits.

What is Monarcoat Rapid & Rapid Ultra?

The Monarcoat Rapid products are high-build Polyaspartic fast-cure floor coating systems based on advanced materials, designed to provide a transparent tough and durable gloss finish to a range of floor surfaces.

Monarcoat Rapid and Monarcoat Rapid Ultra are light stable with a very good chemical resistance, Decorative and anti-slip finishes can also be created incorporating flakes and aggregates.

Please see the Polyaspartic Page for full details of this fast curing polyurethane flooring system. Or you can contact us using the form below or find more ways to get in touch through our contact page.