What is Monarflake?

Monarflake is an epoxy resin decorative flooring system used widely in the commercial sector. This resin incorporates multi-coloured p.v.c. flakes, coloured base resin and a clear resin glaze coat which produces a decorative resin floor finish. The system itself is highly customisable due to the use of p.v.c. flakes. The flakes can be manufactured specially for each individual client in an unlimited way to create a blended pattern. 

Monarflake is not only customisable, but it is also a durable resin which provides a hard wearing surface. As well as this factor, the flake finish system can be UV stable. Therefore the sun will not damage the look of the floor like other materials such as wood/carpeting. 

This type of resin flooring leaves a customised attractive finish which is well suited to areas such as car showrooms, entrances, retail areas, restaurants etc. As well as this, the grip of the floor can be changed depending on how thick the final coat of clear resin is. Maintaining a texture to the floor adds to the floors grip/slip resistant properties. In areas such as toilets, wet rooms and leisure facilities, this means that if the floor becomes wet it will have added grip. As a result, the extra grip reduces the slipperiness of the surface. 

Recommended Areas

  • Car Showrooms
  • Entrances
  • Retail Areas
  • Restaurants
  • Wet Rooms
  • Veterinary Practices
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • GP Practices
  • Toilets
  • Education Buildings
  • Commercial Kitchens

Designer Floors

Blends created to the client’s specific requirements:

The unique characteristics of Monarflake enable the designer to create a floor of infinite colour combinations. Any RAL/B.S. or Pantone colour can be used as a base. The flake size and colour blend can be chosen to create unlimited options. As an example, below is a wall tile which was given to us by a client. They needed a flooring system which had colours which matched those of the tile. We used our resources to pick out the RAL colours of that tile under a microscope and create a flake blend which matched. As can be seen, by the pictures below, the flakes perfectly represent the colours which the client was trying to achieve.

We also added a rainbow glitter effect to the floor to create a stunning shimmer. As well as rainbow effect, a silver glitter may also be added for a great effect when the sun catches the floor. 

Flake finish - Red - Monarch resin flooring

Coca-Cola Flake Finish Close Up

If you are looking for something which is more monotone but which still has a designer effect. A black, grey and white blend can be used to make a floor into a stunning finish which is still durable, UV stable and easy-to-clean. As can see by the further images below which were taken at an education facility, the floors work perfectly for a setting which has high footfall such as schools and colleges and the monotone pattern works well to create an attractive but durable finish. 


Monarflake Sample Service: – any blend of flakes can be produced and forwarded to the client for approval


Monarflake is capable of withstanding forklift truck traffic as well as high amounts of pedestrian footfall. Although the system may scratch over time as any other floor would, because of the ‘busy’ finished appearance, scratches are much less noticeable than with a concrete or wooden floor. 

Door garage floor5

Final thoughts

As an epoxy resin decorative floor system, Monarflake is one of the most customisable products. The easiness of creating an attractive floor to a client-specified colour palette makes this flooring system perfect in commercial settings. RAL colours are used in many blends to create a pattern suited to any commercial area. 

Monarch has a computerised system which allows clients to see the blended colours on screen before the flakes are ordered. That way the clients are able to make small changes as the process progresses. Flakes can then be ordered in a small quantity so the clients are able to see how the pattern.

Monarch’s sample service gives the client the opportunity to view the different colours first hand. After this, any alterations of the blend can take place before the resin floor is installed. 

Monarflake is widely used in many areas due to the different properties it has. Its texture can create a floor with an added grip which is perfect where areas can become wet such as wet rooms, leisure facilities and commercial kitchens. As it is customised to many finishes it is seen in restaurants and showrooms which need to create a stunning backdrop to their facility. It can also be seen in many other areas such as veterinary practices, education facilities and so on. Anywhere where a safe, customised, durable floor is needed, Monarflake is well suited. 


Monarch are epoxy resin floor contractors based throughout the Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and the UK. We install specialised flooring works throughout the UK including Lincolnshire, Manchester, London, Hull etc and work all around the UK. Monarch creates a customised flooring system which they have been installing through our 30+ years of experience. We also offer free technical advice and site surveys.

Finally, if you have any more questions in regards to this epoxy resin product or others which we install please use the contact form below or see our contact page for more reasons to get in touch.

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