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An epoxy coating which is a high performance, water dispersible treatment for floors and walls. It contains low odour, no solvents and has excellent durability.

What is Monarseal 322 V

Monarseal 322 V is a high performance, water dispersible epoxy coating for the treatment of floors and walls. During application, Monarseal 322 is designed to be user and environmentally friendly so contains no solvents and has a very low odour. You can apply Monarseal 322 easily by either brush, roller or airless spray. This provides a decorative, abrasion and chemically resistant coating which has excellent durability

As well as these factors, Monarseal 322 is resistant to water, oils, Skydrol, dilute acids etc. This epoxy resin is also a hygienic resin and can be easily cleaned and sanitised. 


Recommended Uses

Final Thoughts

Monarseal 322 is a low odour, solvent free water dispersible epoxy resin coating. It can be found in industrial environments as a floor coating in food factories, laboratories etc and is a hygienic, easily cleanable surface.

In summary, Monarch installs this epoxy resin and other resin products throughout the UK. Monarch is based in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, North Yorkshire, Halifax and Greater Manchester. We have 30+ years experience and offer free technical advice as well as site surveys.  

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