Resin flooring: services

As resin flooring contractors who install resin UK wide, Monarch provides many services surrounding the installation of resin flooring systems. Whether the installation is an epoxy coating, resin screeding or one of the many systems we install. 

Below is a breakdown of the services we provide relating to the installation of resin flooring to give an insight into the services provided by Monarch. To find out more, click on the individual names to be directed to their pages. 

warehouse flooring
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Resin Line Marking

Demarcation and resin line marking are key aspects of a flooring installation in warehouses, factories and within the automotive sector. Resin line marking denotes areas for forklift charging, keep clear areas, MOT bays, car parking pays gangways and more.

Resin Screeds and Resin Coatings

Monarch installs both resin coatings and resin screeds across the UK. This can be to industrial, commercial and domestic settings. Choosing whether you need a screed or a coating can be confusing and it best to get professional advice. The main differences between a resin creed and resin coatings are the thickness, the method of application, level of durability and overall cost…

Industrial Floor Preparation

Shot blasting and/ or diamond grinding are both effective ways to prepare a concrete floor before the application of a resin coating. In some instances, it may be best to first shot blast the floor …

Floor Jointing

In any flooring installation, care should be taken to ensure correct movement capability of the flooring. Floor Jointing through our Monarjoint product provides movement through a newly installed resin floor…

Resin Floor Repairs

Repairing before installation can make a great difference in the finished resin. This can be achieved by repairing any larger holes, adding a screed and or grinding the floor using a diamond grinder. These steps are taken to ensure that the finished resin system has a smooth, seamless appearance… 

Resin Skirting

In some instances, a resin coving or skirting will be created when a resin floor is installed. To complete a tanked resin system, a coved resin skirting can be formed to present a sealed wall/floor junction. Usually formed into a metal or plastic trim affixed to the wall… 

Shot Blasting and Diamond Grinding

Shot blasting and diamond grinding are both forms of industrial floor preparation. They take place before the installation of a new resin floor to properly prepare the substrate. This gives the floor a more textured finish. It is appropriate to seek professional help and advice to ensure correct selection of preparation type…  

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Monarch is based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Leicester. We install resin flooring throughout the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. 

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