Shot blasting and diamond grinding explained

Shot blasting and diamond grinding are both forms of industrial floor preparation. They take place before the installation of a new resin floor to properly prepare the substrate. This gives the floor a more textured finish.

Prior to the application of a resin floor, it is appropriate to seek professional help and advice to ensure correct selection of preparation type.

What is shot blasting

Shot blasting is one of the methods which prepares a concrete floor ready for an epoxy, polyurethane or polyaspartic resin floor coating. Shotblasting is a dust-free operation with self-contained vacuum removal of dust. With less dust there is less time needed before the floor can be treated, reducing the time it takes to prepare. In instances where an industrial floor preparation is taking place in a manufacturing or production facility, a shorter turn around time can make a huge difference.

When is shot blasting necessary

What is Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is the most effective floor preparation when it comes to industrial floor preparation. It is the process of grinding down a concrete surface to correct the irregularities which have occurred such as roughness and faulting

In instances where an existing floor coating is to be removed, diamond grinding is a faster and cleaner approach than shot blasting. It requires the use of a three-phase machine which has rotating diamond tooling affixed to its head which grinds down the existing substrate. This technical opens up the pores of the substrate allowing a cleaner application of resin coating. It also removes any of the loose concrete which may be apparent. This is ideal to create a quality finish to an epoxy, polyurethane or polyaspartic resin flooring system.

It can also be a less damaging process of floor preparation as it does not cause micro-fracturing in the existing concrete.

When is diamond grinding necessary

Final thoughts

Shot blasting and/ or diamond grinding are both effective ways to prepare a concrete floor before the application of a resin coating. In some instances, it may be best to first shot blast the floor and then diamond grind depending on the floors current condition.

Above all, Monarch offers free technical advice and no-obligation quotes on its resin floor installations. This will include any apparent industrial floor preparation which will need to take place. In some cases, only a small amount of preparation may be needed before installation. However, it is always best practice to get a professional insight so that you can get the quality finish in your floor.

We are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, Halifax, Greater Manchester and install resin flooring throughout the UK. Moreover, we have a broad knowledge and understanding of industrial floor preparation and installation of resin floors with our 30 years of experience.

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