Demarcation and Line Marking

Demarcation Types

  • Zebra crossings
  • Hatched areas
  • MOT bays
  • Vehicle charging points
  • Pedestrian gangways
  • Vehicle bays
  • Letting and Numbering
  • Areas to be kept clear
  • Routes to exits
  • Mark out a designated area

Key Points

  • Monarch install a variety of resin line marking techniques throughout the UK
  • Demarcation is widely used in warehouses, factories and in the automotive sector
  • Resin line marking is mainly in safety yellow, bright white and black. Other colours can also be requested.
  • Line marking is an easy way to create order in a busy environment. Improving on efficiency as well as safety

What do we mean by resin demarcation and line marking

Monarch is a UK resin flooring specialist in safety demarcation and line marking. This is mainly relevant to industrial and commercial settings. Healthy and safety should be a top priority and demarcation, line marking, hatched areas and floor lettering are just some of the ways you can avoid potential hazards.

You can find line marking in warehouses and factories. This is because it is a simple way to designate certain areas of production. Furthermore, these spaces can be shown as kept clear by using hatched lines. Moreover, lines can be used to show clear markings between pedestrian and vehicle gangways. Due to the potential risk involved in working with heavy machinery, it is key to keep the two apart.

Another reason why line markings may be useful is to do with production. This is because resin can be used to add lettering, symbols and numbers to a floor. Almost all warehouses which store high levels of products has a detailed system in place to find goods easily. This can be improved by the adding resin markings to the floors of different aisles and sections so that it can easily be identified by workers. Also in factories where areas are assigned for different tasks may benefit from resin demarcation. 

Also, our products can be resistant to abrasions, chemicals and high impact. Therefore, a resin-based product is well suited to forming line markings as it is the more long-term solution.


  • Marking out machine areas
  • Designating areas to keep clear
  • Creating high impact gangways
  • Separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Reduces chances of accidents, damage to equipment
  • Creates efficiency in stock management
  • Highlights obstacles/potentially unsafe areas
  • High levels of resistance to certain chemicals
  • High levels of resistance to abrasions

What resin products can achieve a high standard of demarcation and line marking

It is important to find the right resin system for your individual needs. An epoxy resin we installed called Monarcoat 700 is specially meant for the instalment of demarcation and line marking. This includes hatched area, symbols, lettering and numbers. 

Monarcoat 700

Monarcoat 700 is an epoxy resin coating used where a fast-cure is required in an industrial environment. It provides an attractive, dust-free chemical and abrasion resistant floor coating. Monarcoat 700 is based on a blend of epoxy resins, mineral fillers and solvents.

To find out more about this individual product view our product page here.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, adding demarcation and line marking can make a difference to the production and health and safety of a factory or warehouse. Along with line marking, another form of demarcation is hatched areas, wording, symbols and lettering on floors. 

Monarch are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Halifax. We install resin flooring throughout the UK and have 30 years background in our trade. We also offer free technical advice.

Furthermore, if you would like to get in touch with Monarch about demarcation and line marking resin flooring you can use the contact form below. For more ways to get in touch, you can visit our contact page or visit us at our Dronfield office. 


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