Monarch is a UK specialist in safety line marking and demarcation in industrial and commercial environments. Healthy and safety should always be a top priority and demarcation, line marking, hatched areas and floor lettering are just some of the ways companies can avoid potential hazards.

Line marking can transform a warehouse or factory and make sure that pedestrian and vehicle traffic is kept separate and efficiency is optimised. It is always a useful tool when the organisation is key, with lettering/ numbers on floors it is easy to see which areas are designated for which factory task.

Our products can be resistant to abrasions, chemicals and high impact. For these reasons, a resin-based product is well suited to forming line markings as it is the more long-term solution.


Marking out machine areas

Designating areas to keep clear

creating high impact gangways

Separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic

Reduces chances of accidents, damage to equipment

Creates efficiency in stock management

Highlights obstacles/potentially dangerous areas

Resistance to abrasions

Resistance to chemicals

Monarcoat 700

A fast cure industrial epoxy which is well suited to creating lines, chevrons, to mark hazardous areas, denote pedestrian walkways and all forms of line marking. To find out more about this individual product view our product page here.

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