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Resin flooring UK wide is what we here at Monarch do. We are resin flooring contractors who install both epoxy resin and polyurethane screeds nationwide in a range of sectors. Resin is a versatile material and can be used to improve the performance of a floor in industrial and commercial settings as well as domestic ones. It can be installed in many forms including resin coatings, coating systems and screeds. Resin is both a tough and durable flooring solution and has been utilised in the various sectors for the different properties which it can achieve. This includes anti-slip, anti-static or conductive flooring, food grade and hygienic to name a few. 

At Monarch, we provide bespoke services for each sector we work in, ensuring the flooring we install is equal to the challenges faced by the sector. This includes industrial flooring, healthcare floors and all kinds of flooring in the automotive industry. Below you can find a list of the sectors for which we install resin flooring UK wide. At the end of the page you will find a short contact form which you can fill out and get a response to within two working days. Or jump to our contact page for more ways to get in touch about resin flooring UK.

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Industrial Flooring

Factories, warehouses, production facilities and flooring for the manufacturing industries are all covered under our industrial flooring page. Talking through the different systems which may be installed and the advantages they have …

Commercial Flooring

Our commercial flooring page talks through the different floor paint suited to the needs of the commercial sector. This includes commercial kitchen flooring, salons, beauticians …

Factory Floor Coatings

Whether you are in need of a non-slip industrial coating or a hygienic food grade resin, we can help you find what suits your factories needs. Our resin systems are heavy duty against the constant use on a factory floor …

Brewery Floors

The chemicals involved in brewing often attack concrete, creating an uneven surface. In contrast, a polyurethane resin has high chemical resistance. We work with you to  design your brewery with falling floors and drainage …

Warehouse Flooring

Resin flooring in a warehouse provides touch, high impact surface which is seamless and can be installed with high chemical resistance and slip resistance in mind. Line marking resin can also be used to section areas off production areas, areas to be kept clear, packing areas etc to increase efficiency and safety …  

Automotive Flooring

MOT flooring, garage floors, car showroom flooring are all systems which we install using resin. There is decorative systems for showrooms, safety colours and grip levels of garages and MOT bays. All uniquely designed as specified by the client …

Domestic Garage Flooring

Resin flooring is an ideal and decorative way to improve the strength of a garage floor. You can choose to have a seamless resin floor paint installed or go for a more decorative flake finish. Whatever your personal preference for style, we can accommodate with our advanced resin garage floor systems …

Healthcare Flooring

With products such as liquid linoleum and hygienic resin systems. Monarch offer a wide range of solutions to the healthcare flooring sector. This can be hospital flooring, flooring for pharmaceutical processing and manufacturing or GP pracie flooring as some examples …

Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound driveways are becoming ever more popular due to their tough nature and decorative appearance. They provide a drive which is resistant to weeds as well as frost while maintaining a porous surface. As resin bound drives allow water to pass through, they do not need planning permission to be installed …

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Fill in the form below and a member of our team will get back to you within two working days. Alternatively, you can go to our contact page for more ways to get in touch. We install both polyurethane screeds and epoxy resin flooring UK wide and make sure that we bring our thirty years of experience to every job we take on. As well as providing product recommendations, we also give free technical advice.

As a result, you can be sure that you will be getting the resin flooring UK installed which is the best fit for your sector. Whether this is an anti-slip floor to add grip to your workshop, or a floor with high chemical resistance for your brewery, we can find the best floor for you. If you need to get in touch straight away you can give us a call at our main office in Derbyshire on 01246 412 222

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