Decorative epoxy resin floor coating system available in numerous colours. Durable, hygienic floor system which can be used as a joint between floor and wall.

What is Monarquartz

When you take a look into a resin which can be customised, Monarquartz should be considered as it is a customisable decorative resin flooring system. Monarquartz comes in a range of colours to suit the needs of a client and offers a high level of durability. Because of this, Monarquartz can be used as commercial flooring in areas where there is lots of footfall from both customers and workers. Along with these commercial areas it can be found in areas where food and drink are consumed and toilets due to its hygienic properties. As a hygienic resin flooring system, Monarquartz is easily cleanable and as such easily sanitised. This can be a key factor when looking for a floor within the food and beverage industry such as production areas and packaging areas. 

Monarquartz can be produced to a number of blends and patterns much in the same way as Monarflake. This customisable feature means that the floor is in high use in areas where a floor needs to be durable but appealing. This can be found as a restaurant flooring system as well as bars and clubs. Due to its high durability, Monarquartz can also be used in industrial settings. 

A variation of Monarquartz is Monarquartz FX. This is a flexible product which is used in application to substrates which are subject to movement. An example would be as a floor coating to steel mezzanine decks and wooden floors

Monarquartz can also be used in resin coving process. This is when a resin system is formed to present a sealed wall/floor junction. Usually formed into a metal or plastic trim affixed to the wall. An example of which can be seen on the images of this page. 


  • Customisable
  • Comes in a wide range of colour options
  • Hygienic
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Decorative

Recommended Areas

  • Industrial and Commercial Kitchens
  • Toilets
  • Bar areas
  • Food production areas
  • Stadium circulation areas
  • Packaging areas
  • Light manufacturing
MonarQuartz lincoln

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Monarquartz is a flexible, customisable, durable resin flooring system. It has many different properties which makes it well suited to either the commercial or the industrial sector. For example, this resin can be used to form resin coved skirtings which create a join between the wall and floor. This eliminates the edge of the wall which makes the floor easy-to-clean and more hygienic as dirt and bacteria don’t get trapped. Monarquartz is also used to coat steel mezzanine decks and wooden floors. 

Monarch installs this epoxy resin and other resin products throughout the UK. We are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, Greater Manchester and Halifax and work across the UK installing specialist resin systems. We also offer free technical advice and site surveys. 

Finally, if you have any more questions in regards to this epoxy resin product or others which we install please use the contact form below or see our contact page for more reasons to get in touch.

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