Monarquartz Decorative Resin Flooring

Decorative epoxy resin floor coating system available in a wide range of colours. Durable, hygienic floor system which can be installed as an interior or exterior resin floor covering

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Monarquartz is a trowel applied product that combines coloured quartz aggregate blends with clear resin binders. This resilient surface provides a decorative, dense, durable resin floor. The customisable nature of Monarquartz provides a floor that is aesthetically pleasing as well as being durable against high use. This is an epoxy resin flooring system that comes with an unlimited range of colour combinations to suit the needs of each individual client. It is s hard-wearing system that is widely used in commercial settings where a customisable and durable floor is needed.

Monarquartz can also be used as a resin coving or resin skirting product which is used to present a sealed wall to floor junction. Usually formed into the metal of plastic trims affixed to the wall. Resin skirting creates a hygienic flooring system by removing the edges which trap dirt and bacteria. Monarquartz is easy to clean and sanitise. This can be a key factor when looking for a floor within the food and beverage industry such as production and packaging areas as well as more commercial settings.

External Resin Flooring

This epoxy resin can be used as both an indoor and exterior resin floor system which is another reason why it can be found in restaurants and other commercial premises as it makes for a decorative outside seating area.

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, Monarquartz is a flexible, customisable, durable resin flooring system. It has many different properties which makes it well suited to either the commercial or the industrial sector. For example, this resin can be used to form resin coved skirtings that create a joint between the wall and floor. This eliminates the edge of the wall which makes the floor easy-to-clean and more hygienic as dirt and bacteria don’t get trapped.

Monarch installs this epoxy resin and other resin products throughout the UK. We are based in Sheffield, Dronfield, Greater Manchester and Halifax and work across the UK installing specialist resin systems. We also offer free technical advice and site surveys.

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