What is Monarquartz?

Monarquartz is a decorative resin based floor screed which presents the end user with the option to design a floor which is unique and offers the highest level of durability.

Monarquartz is an excellent, durable, aesthetically pleasing floor available in a blend of standard colours or using the option of customer colour blend – can be produced to an infinitive design.



Comes in a wide range of colour options


Easily Cleanable


Recommended Uses

  • Industrial and Commercial Kitchens
  • Toilets
  • Bar Areas
  • Food Production Areas
  • Stadia Circulation Areas
  • Packing Areas
  • Light Manufacturing

Monarquartz FX

This product is a flexible grade of Monarquartz, it is available for application to substrates which are subject to movement-such as steel mezzanine decks and wooden floors.

IMG_4063-20151118-160510538MonarQuartz lincoln

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