What is Monarcove

When installing a floor which is hygienic and easy to clean, you may consider having resin skirting installed along with your resin floor. Monarcove is a heavy-duty polyurethane resin wall render and skirting system. It creates a durable wall to floor junction for all vertical applications. This process is also called resin coved skirting, check out its page for more detail on the application process and its benefits.

Monarcove is a three-part polyurethane cover and wall render. It is generally applied by trowel in conjunction with Monathane which is a resin floor screed. This provides a tanked resin floor and the coving resin system. 

The end result gives a uniform, monotone dense sealed surface. It also has high resistance to hot water and is an easy to clean wall and floor junction. The junction created isn’t sustainable to dirt, grease or bacteria getting trapped the same as will a normal floor to wall edge. Perfect for areas which are needed to be cleaned and sanitised regularly. This includes the food and drink industry as well as the medical sector

Monarch has been installing resin products for over thirty years now and is a UK wide company. If you would like more details about Monarcove or any of the other products we install do not hesitate to get in touch. You can call our main office in Derbyshire on 01246 412 222 or there are many ways to get in touch via our contact page

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