Monarch Cemflow

What is Monarch Cemflow?

Monarch Cemflow is an industrial floor topping designed to upgrade existing internal floors.

CEMFLOW is a pump applied cementitious floor topping, which can be subjected to heavy trafficking in short cure time cycles enabling a ‘fast-track’ installation.

Further Monarch resin floor products can be applied over Cemflow to provide a coloured, anti-slip or chemical resistant floor topping.

You can see more of our epoxy resin flooring products here. We install our products across the UK, including Halifax, Surrey, Sheffield, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Preparation Process

Concrete/cement and sand substrates to be sound, dry and fully cured. Mechanical preparation by dust-free shotblasting/grinding and scarifying techniques is essential to ensure correct bond to surface.

Application Process

Substrate to be primed prior to application with two coats of Monarprime AC applied by sweeping brush to full coverage. Dilute with water on both coats 5:1 on first coat and 3:1 on the second coat. For substrates that are old concrete or where it is unknown if an intact D.P.M. is in place it is preferable to apply two coats of Monarprime D.P.M. epoxy resin primer and blinded with sand prior to installation of Cemflow.

For small areas, mix with a mega mixer with the addition of 4.75L water per bag. For larger areas mix by machine pump and apply to smooth finish. Finish by spiked roller to release entrapped air and flatten out flow lines.

For applications thicker than 30mm MONARCH Cemflow Base should be used – please consult the technical department for further information.

Monarch cemflow

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