Monarcoat 720 is a versatile epoxy resin floor coating which is used where a high quality, durable surface is needed. This resin floor paint is used a lot in an the industrial sector as a factory floor coating. It is also widely used within the automotive sector in car workshops and garages. Monarcoat 720 is chemical and abrasion resistant coating which gives a coloured gloss finish. 

As well as providing a protective coating to concrete, Monarcoat 720 is also dust-free which means it is suited to places which need a hygienic floor coating. For example, as a food and drink factory floor coating or in medical practices and manufacturing. 

Monarcoat 720 can also be designed as an anti-slip floor paint by adding the appropriate aggregate during installation. Anti-slip flooring systems create a surface which has added grip, reducing the risk to workers and customers which comes with a slippery surface. 

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Monarcoat 720 epoxy resin flooring
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Monarcoat 720 comes in a variety of standard RAL colours including a wide range of popular colours in varying shade. As well as the standard colours this epoxy resin can be manufactured to any RAL or British Standard colours by client request (depending on manufacturer limitations).

Monarcoat has many advantages which make it one of the best resin products for factory settings. This product creates a fully sealed, seamless floor which is tough and durable against day to day use. It also creates a dust free profile which is easy to clean and sanitise.  

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As you can see from the images above, Monarcoat 720 is a versatile epoxy resin coating. It can be used to create a durable and attractive finish in many different settings. This includes light manufacturing, warehouses, factories, automotive facilities and many more. It comes in a wide selection of colours including six standard shades of grey and two shades of red. The product is also dust-free which means it would be a suitable floor covering when a hygienic finish is required. It is a high-build epoxy floor coating.

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