Monarcoat 720


An epoxy resin floor coating mainly used in the Automotive and Industrial sector as a dust-free, durable floor covering.

What is Monarcoat 720

Monarcoat 720 is an epoxy resin floor coating which is used where a high quality, durable surface is required. Therefore it is mainly found in industrial settings as a factory floor coating. As well as being a durable resin floor paint, Monarcoat 720 is also dust-free. This means that it would be well suited in environments which require a hygienic floor coating. This may be food and beverage flooring as well as floor coatings in medical practices

When we talk about the industrial durability of this epoxy resin, this means its ability to withstand light-heavy traffic. This includes forklift truck, static machinery and pedestrian/worker footfall. Monarcoat 720 can also be found in manufacturing facilities, automotive workshops, warehouses and other industrial units. This epoxy resin coating is versatile and can be applied to a number of different settings. Within the automotive industry, the importance of choosing a hard wearing flooring material is essential. Monarcoat 720 is a great option when choosing a workshop floor material. The product is strong against the flow of traffic in and out of the workshop. As well as this, the product comes in a range of colours so you can have different areas marked out for different uses. 

Monarcoat 720 can also be designed as an anti-slip floor paint by adding the appropriate aggregate during installation. Anti-slip flooring systems create a surface which has added grip, reducing the risk to workers and customers which comes with a slippery surface. 

Recommended Areas

  • Light Manufacturing 
  • Automotive
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Facilities 
  • Packaging Areas
  • Forklift Traffic and Pedestrian Routes


Surface Preparation – see requirements for preparation Data Sheet

Concrete/Cementitious Substrates:
All surfaces should be cured to 5% moisture content or less than 75% Relative Humidity. D.P.M’s should be installed and intact. Vacuum blasting or diamond grinding on all smooth or dense surfaces is preferred


Mix all components A and B together with a drill and paddle for a minimum of two minutes until homogeneous mix obtained.


Apply product from paint scuttle by medium pile polyester rollers (as standard, a longer pile may be required in rougher substrates). Utilise brushes for detail and edge work. If you require a thicker finish, Monarcoat 720 can also be squeegee applied. 

Warehourse Flooring Chesterfield (2)

Final Thoughts 

As you can see from the images above, Monarcoat 720 is a versatile epoxy resin coating. It can be used to create a durable and attractive finish in many different environments. This includes light manufacturing, warehouses, factories, automotive facilities and many more. It comes in many different colours including three shades of grey and two shades of red. The product is also dust-free which means it would be a suitable floor covering when a hygienic finish is required. It is a high-build epoxy coating.

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