Monarcoat 720

What is Monarcoat 720?

Monarcoat 720 is specified for usage on floors and walls where a high quality durable, dust-free surface is required.

Typical areas of usage are in light manufacturing electronics and automotive workshops, warehouses and industrial units.

Method of Use

Surface Preparation – see requirements for preparation Data Sheet

Concrete/Cementitious Substrates:
All surfaces should be cured to 5% moisture content or less than 75% Relative Humidity. D.P.M’s should be installed and intact. Vacuum blasting or diamond grinding on all smooth or dense surfaces is preferred


Mix all components A and B together with a drill and paddle for a minimum of two minutes until homogeneous mix obtained.


Apply product from paint scuttle by medium pile polyester rollers (as standard, a longer pile may be required in rougher substrates). Utilise brushes for detail and edge work.

Product may be squeegee applied for thicker surface finish.

Monarcoat 720 - Milner off Road


Monarcoat 720 Pic 1


Warehourse Flooring Chesterfield (2)

Monarcoat 720 Arial Shot


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