Monarcoat Rapid &
Monarcoat Rapid Ultra


The Monarcoat Rapid products are high-build Polyaspartic fast –cure floor coating systems based on advanced materials, designed to provide a transparent tough and durable gloss finish to a range of floor surfaces. Monarcoat Rapid and Monarcoat Rapid Ultra are light stable with a very good chemical resistance, Decorative and anti-slip finishes can also be created incorporating flakes and aggregates.


Fast curing at low temperature (very fast for Monarcoat Ultra Rapid)

High build

UV stable

Very low odour

Tough but flexible

Can be applied onto a wide range of substrates

Can be used in decorative and functional environments


Recommended Uses

Where a high-build UV stable coloured top-coat/seal coat required

Areas where fast turnaround but high performance finishes are required

Domestic, commercial and Industrial

Decorative floors


Floors must be clean, sound, dry and fully cured and surface laitance removed, preferably by shot blasting or mechanical abrasion.

Concrete Floors: Concrete must be clean, sound, dry and fully cured and surface laitance removed preferably by enclosed shot blasting or mechanical grinding, a minimum strength of 25N/mm² is required


Monarcoat Rapid may be applied direct to concrete or as a seal coat to resin floor systems where a primer is not required. When applied direct to porous substances the surface may require priming. Dry surfaces should be primed with MonarprimeDPM. Where the relative humidity moisture content above 75% Monarprime DPM should be used. The number coats required will be dictated by the relative humidity of the substrate.


It is important to ensure that stated recoat times are observed. This will ensure intercoat adhesion.

Application conditions:

Temperature 2-30°C

Category guide

FeRFA Category: 2/3

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