How much does a resin floor cost?

One of the most asked questions we get is how much a resin floor costs. Unfortunately, it isn’t always an easy answer. There are so many variables that we can not possibly give costing estimates without knowing all about the floor. We need to know the condition of your current floor, the type required, size of floor and where you are located. There may be floor preparation works, repairs on the existing floor etc which affect the price. With all that said a resin floor is still a very cost-effective flooring solution.

However if you do get in touch with us you could have an estimate of costs within two business days (excluding bank holidays).

We install most of our resin flooring products across the UK. Unfortunately, we only install domestic garage flooring and resin bound driveways in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire at this time. Please get in touch to find out more.  

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We do not pass on any of your details to third parties. We will only contact you in regards to the flooring project you get in touch with us about.

What is the Order Process?

Step one - contact us

Call us and let us know the details of the flooring project. It is really easy to get in touch with us and our sales team are happy to answer any questions you have. Once you have been in touch we will make sure to get back to you within two working days. We will then ask for images of your current floor or arrange a site visit. On a site visit we will take some images of the floor, measure and show you examples of flooring as well as colour options. We may just need some images of your floor and your own measurements to give you a quotation. You can get in touch with us through our contact page. Or you can go straight to our quote request form page to fill in your details now.

Step two - estimating

Once you have been in touch with us and we have all the details we need we will send you an estimate. This is usually sent to you within two working days after we have all the information we need. Estimates will usually have a couple of options of flooring products and their costing. Again, if you have any questions about your estimates then please get in touch with us. Our sales team are always on hand to help you understand. Please give more time during bank holidays.

Step three - installation

Once you have decided on what flooring product you would like installed. You will also need to pick the colour you would like your floor. You can take a look at the colour options through our colour chart page. We will then arrange with you when you would like the installation to take place. We will try and arrange a suitable installation date that works best for you.

Step four - aftercare

Once your resin floor is installed we are still here if you have any questions about the aftercare of your resin floor. We can go through any maintenance questions you may have. For example, how to clean the floor once it is installed. We may also be in touch for any feedback you have for us about our service.

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More about us

Monarch is a leading UK resin flooring contractor which installs advanced resin flooring systems nationwide. Along with specialist resin systems we install epoxy resin floors, polyurethane flooring and fast cure resin systems. As well as the resins themselves, Monarch installs a variety of resin systems suited to different environments. This is including areas such as pubs, car showrooms, warehouses and many more. We tailor-make our resin systems to suit a client’s individual needs. Such as anti-slip flooring systems, floors with high chemical resistance and resin floor repairs. Together with our flooring systems, we also provide the services needed for a complete flooring package. This includes industrial floor preparation, grinding down existing floors, resin screeds and resin coatings. The Monarch group of companies were first established in 1987 and three generations later, bring all that knowledge and experience to each floor we install. Furthermore, we install our resin flooring across the UK.

Your information is not shared with third parties

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