Decorative epoxy garage floor in Lancashire

Usually, when you come to decorate, the garage is not the main focus. But recently a lot of people have turned their garage into a more functional room in their house. They are perfect as gyms as well as a home office. Using the space wisely can really add to your home. Garage floors are usually concrete, which can be unappealing and worn down. Using a decorative resin can transform that space and turn it into something a lot more homely. We use a flake blend system called Monarflake to create decorative garage floor solutions. This resin system has a scattered flake blend made of small pieces of P.V.C. It can also have glitter in the blend to add a bit more wow factor.

In this case study, we will talk through a garage floor in Lancashire. We install garage floors in Derbyshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire and South Yorkshire. These are also the areas where our offices are. As garages are smaller projects we tend to stick close to our main offices. For a larger project, we can travel further and are a nationwide company. This garage, in particular, was to be used for a home office and to store machinery so desired a floor which would withstand light industrial use.

Project run-through

The current floor was a concrete base that did not need any repairs. We diamond grinded the floor to create a textured finish ready for the resin coating. We then installed a Monarcoat product which is an epoxy coating product. Flakes were scattered on top of the coating and then sealed. In this case, we used the Titanium flake blend which is a mixture of greys and white tones. You can see all our flake blends on our colour chart page. You can also order a sample of the flake blend you would like to look at free of charge. The total area of the floor was around 80 square meters. The total number of days taken was three days as we allow for the layers of the system to cure properly between each section.

flake finish garage floor resin floor
decorative garage floor resin

More about us

As you can see from the finish of the floor, a decorative resin is a great way to improve a garage. It allows for a durable and hard-wearing floor with a decorative finish. We install garages floors in our main office locations, Derbyshire, Lancashire, South Yorkshire and Leicestershire. We install in external garages and those which have external access. This is usually in the form of a garage door which needs to be in place before the floor is fitted on new builds. We are a family run company and take pride in all of the jobs we complete. If you would like to get in touch with us about your garage floor you can get in touch using the contact form below. You can also get in touch via our contact page.

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