What's the best industrial floor paint

Industrial flooring options

Finding the best industrial floor paint will depend a lot on what you are looking to get out of your floor. You may be need a floor with high chemical resistance. Maybe you have heavy machinery which needs to be on a heavy duty floor.

These are just some of the options when looking into industrial floor paint. Polyurethane and epoxy resin flooring are the most popular choices when it comes to industrial flooring. Each product and system have their own properties which are specifically designed for different kinds of industrial settings.

Systems can include safety flooring, anti slip coatings, high chemical resistance and heavy duty. Resin coatings are designed to strengthen existing concrete floors and if given the proper maintenance are a long lasting solution.

Here at Monarch we install all of these types of industrial flooring and give free technical advice so we can find the best flooring option for you. Get in touch using our contact page or the form below and we respond within two working days. Or continue reading to find out more about the industrial flooring options we install. 

So what is the best industrial floor paint?

We install industrial resin flooring throughout the UK and know that each industrial floor paint or system has its own applications. We have many different systems which can be tailor made to each unique situation. One of our most popular products for industrial flooring is our Monargrip system. Monargrip is an epoxy resin flooring system which is trademarked by Monarch. It is a complete system which is hard wearing and anti slip.

If you are needing a floor which has a high level of chemical resistance then our Monarthane product may be best suited for your needs. Monarthane is not a floor paint but instead an industrial resin floor screed. As well as being very hard wearing and durable product, this polyurethane system has high levels of chemical resistance. Perfect in food and drink factories as well as breweries.

When looking into industrial flooring options you may just want a hard wearing coating. Our Monarcoat 720 industrial floor paint is a very durable floor covering which is well suited to high footfall areas. It can also have slip resistant properties by adding various grades of aggregate into the surface.

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Industrial flooring products

Monargrip: Breakdown

Monarthane: Breakdown

Monarcoat 720: Breakdown


To conclude, resin is one of the best toppings for an industrial floor and it comes in a variety of systems and products. Here at Monarch we give free technical advice to find the right resin flooring solution for your industrial setting. This may include safety flooring, anti-slip systems or ones with high chemical resistance. Whatever kind of resin you need, we are here to help. Just give us a call on 01246 412 222 and speak to a member of our team to find out more. Or you can fill in this short form below and someone will get a response to you within two working days. We have over thirty years in our trade and know how resin floors work. Let us help you to find the best industrial floor paint to suit your needs.