Resin Flooring Chesterfield

Monarch are resin flooring contractors whose main office is located in Dronfield, Derbyshire. a small town in between Chesterfield and Sheffield. We cover all areas of Chesterfield including Hasland, Sheepbridge, Staveley and Clay Cross. We install all manor of resin flooring including safety flooring, anti-slip grip systems, resin screeding works and epoxy coatings. We also do resin floor repairs and concrete floor repairs using epoxy resin mortar.

Monarch has been installing resin flooring within Chesterfield and its surrounding areas for the past 30 years. We offer a vast range of srvices and give free advice and product recommendations. We also conduct on site, face to face surveys to make sure that you get the right resin floor to suit your needs. Whether that is an industrial screed to withstand forklifts and heavy duty machinery, or an epoxy coating to refresh gangways. Get in touch with us through the contact form at the end of this page and we will get back to you within two working days. Or give us a call at our main office on 01246 412 222. You can also head to our contact page for more ways to get in touch with us about industrial resin flooring. 

Industrial Flooring in Chesterfield

One of the main areas which we cover is all aspects of industrial resin flooring. This can range from manufacturing, factories, warehouses and production facilities. We tend to all flooring needs and can recommend the right product for your project. We install a range of resin coatings and systems which can can have high chemical resistance, added grip, abrasion resistance, or resistance to certain levels of hot and cold. If you are not sure which resin system would suit you, we can take a look round your facility and make a recommendation depending on what you are looking for. We can also out forward two or three different products which would suit and give the costing for them.

If your industrial facility is in need of repairs, we can also help you out. In some cases, a floor does not need to be replaced, and resin floor repairs can be carried out instead. This may be the case is if a particular area has been damaged by machinery, or constant use. Get in touch to find out more through or contact page.  

Factory and Warehouse Flooring

In particular, factory flooring in Chesterfield may be something which you need specific systems installed. This can be to do with the safety features which a resin floor can have. Mainly surrounding added grip and how heavy duty it can be. It can also be to do with the range of colours which can be installed. This may mean that you can section off areas in your factory for certain tasks. For example, vehicle charging areas, areas which need to be kept clear and pathways to fire exits. 

Warehouse flooring, like with factories, needs to be tailored to the warehouses needs. Does it need to withstand heavy forklift use? Does the warehouse store any chemicals or liquids that may be spilt? These are all questions we can help you answer to find the right resin floor for your warehouse

We are here to help you make the right choice and offer support throughout your project. Get in touch using the contact form at the end of this page for more information about resin flooring in Chesterfield.

Warehourse resin Flooring Chesterfield

Resin Screeds

Resin screeds are a more heavy duty flooring type which are laid at a thicker level. They are trowel applied and can be more costly than a coating. This is due to how hard wearing the end floor is, which is perfect for a very busy factory setting. It can be more cost effective as the floor will not need to be refreshed as quickly depending on the use. Resin screeds are used a lot within the industrial sector and are a perfect choice for busy heavily used settings. 

Resin screeds are perfect for industrial areas including those which have heavy machinery or constant use of forklifts/vehicles. A tough, versatile and durable material. 

If you would like to enquire about a resin floor in Chesterfield for a factory or any other sector please get in touch. You can head or our contact page, or you can also fill in the contact form at the end of this page. We do not pass on any information given to us to any third parties and will only get in touch with you about the project you’re enquiring about. 

Fast curing resin polyaspartic

Epoxy Resin Flooring Chesterfield

Epoxy flooring in Chesterfield is more suited to the light – medium duty industrial and commercial sector. This could be storage warehouses, factories with lower footfall or light machinery. It can also withstand vehicle traffic and forklift traffic. Epoxy resin is a versatile material which is used a lot in workshops, warehouses, storage facilities, industrial units, food and drink production, commercial units. The end floor is hygienic, easy to clean and sanitise. It can also have added grip properties and is durable against day to day. The end profile is a sealed, seamless floor which is dust-free. 

Get in Touch - Resin Flooring Chesterfield

If you would like to know more about the resin flooring we install within Chesterfield then give us a call on 01246 412 222. You can also fill in the contact form below, or head to our contact page. Monarch are leading resin flooring contractors who work all across Derbyshire including Chesterfield, Ilkeston, Derby and Bolsover. We offer free technical advice and product recommendations. We also have high levels of customer service and make sure that we oversee every project from start to finish. 

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