Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin Floors: An Explanation

When looking into the variety of resin floor coatings and screeds, there are two main types of floor paint. These are epoxy resin and polyurethane systems. Epoxy resin is perhaps the most well known resin system as a cost-effective option of a hard wearing floor.

Scientifically speaking ‘epoxy resins, also known as polyepoxides, are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contain epoxide groups. Epoxy resins may be reacted (cross-linked) either with themselves through catalytic homopolymerisation, or with a wide range of co-reactants including polyfunctional amines, acids (and acid anhydrides), phenols, alcohols and thiols (usually called mercaptans)’. This refers to the process of epoxy hardeners matching with the correct epoxy base to form an epoxy coating which cures in a certain time as per each product.

But importantly in this instance, epoxy resin is an industrial floor topping which can be used as many different types of flooring systems. It can hold anti-slip properties when correct levels of specialised aggregate are added. It also has chemical resistant properties as well as decorative forms.

Monarflake Epoxy Resin Decorative System

Epoxy resin floor coatings we install

Monarch installs a variety of epoxy resin flooring systems. The properties which epoxy coatings have mean that it works well in commercial and industrial settings. The hard-wearing nature of the floor paint means that it is durable against both pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic. Therefore it has many applications in factories, warehouses and the automotive sector (this includes car workshops, garages, car parks and showrooms).

Within commercial sectors epoxy floor paint is applied as a strong and cost-effective flooring option. This is mainly decorative epoxy products such as Monarflake and Monarquartz. Or in some instances as seamless clear epoxy resin flooring options to harden existing floors. Metallic epoxy floors are also growing in popularity as a decorative resin floor finish.

Epoxy resin floor coatings have many applications depending on the product which is being used. We are epoxy flooring contractors who work throughout the UK and give free technical advice for anyone who may need it. As specialist flooring contractors we pride ourselves with quality of work and will make sure that you get the best flooring for your needs. Epoxy flooring is a very stable flooring option, especially for heavy-duty industrial conditions.

Benefits of epoxy resin floor systems

  • Chemical Resistance - Epoxy products we install have been designed to provide excellent chemical and damage resistance. This is why epoxy resins are very popular in factories and warehouses
  • Variety of colours - An epoxy resin can be installed in a wide variety of colours This means that you can have a professional floor finish which fits in with its surroundings. We also install chevroning for your epoxy resin floors as well
  • Slip resistance - Floors with added grip are a requirement in many commercial environments. This is why an epoxy floor coating is used a lot in automotive and industrial sectors. Aggregate can be added to the epoxy resin flooring at various levels to give different amounts of grip. These anti-slip flooring systems will give a safer flooring option which is both cost-effective and durable.
  • Easily repair damages - Epoxy resin floors are also considered easier to repair than other durable flooring options. This is because you can localise the repair in a floor rather than replacing the entire floor which is more efficient and a lot more cost-effective.

Our products

We have a wide range of epoxy resin flooring products which we install throughout the UK. You can click on the products below to view more information and examples of work. If you have any more questions then you can call our office on 01246 412 222. Ask to speak to a member of our technical team for free advice.

Demarcation and Resin Line Marking for Factories

This epoxy resin floor coating is particularly well suited as a resin line marking tool. Used to create hatched areas, mark pedestrian areas, vehicle charging stations, areas to keep clear, zebra crossings, vehicle bays etc.

high build epoxy flooring

Monarcoat 720 is an epoxy resin floor finish which is used in settings that need a durable, dust free surface. Typical areas of usage are in light manufacturing, automotive workshops, warehouses and industrial units.

Monarflake is a domestic epoxy floor system which incorporates multi coloured p.v.c flakes, coloured resin base and clear resin hardener to produce a decorative finish.

monargrip epoxy resin

Monargrip is an epoxy floor coating which has excellent levels of slip resistance even in the wettest of areas. Ideal to install this epoxy in factories, food and drink factories, wet rooms, laundries and within the automotive sector. Monargrip is suited anywhere where outstanding levels of slip resistance are required.


Monarquartz is a decorative epoxy floor screed which can be designed to many colour variations much like Monarflake. It offers high levels of durability as well as its decorative properties. It is widely used in the commercial flooring sector as well as domestic garage coatings.

Monarflow is suitable for use in light manufacturing, electrical component assembly, food and drinks processing, workshops and maintenance areas, aircraft hangers, power stations, warehouses and storage areas. It is a self-levelling, self-smoothing epoxy topping. It also comes in a polyurethane system (Monarflow PU) and an anti static system known as Monarflow PU AS. 

Monarcemflow- factory flooring - Monarch Flooring - UK Resin

An industrial epoxy floor topping designed to upgrade an existing internal floor.

Monardeck is a resin car park decking system designed to provide a coating system suitable for car and pedestrian usage in both indoor and outdoor car parks.

Monarseal - Monarch Flooring - UK Resin

Monarseal 322V is a high performance, water dispersible epoxy coating for the treatment of floors and walls. This epoxy resin is designed as environmently friendly and contains no solvents so has very low odour.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, epoxy resin floors have a number of benefits depending on which product is installed. It is key to make sure that you review which epoxy resin coating best suits your individual needs.

Monarch installs epoxy resin flooring throughout the Uk including Grimsby, Leeds, Bradford, London, Hull, Manchester and so on. We have offices based in Dronfield – Derbyshire, Sheffield- South Yorkshire, Leigh – Greater Manchester, Halifax – West yorkshire and Selby – North Yorkshire.

Monarch offers free technical advice and site surveys.

For more ways to get in touch, you can visit our contact page or visit us at our head office in Dronfield. You can also request data sheets and send general enquiries to info@monarchresinfloors.co.uk

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