The automotive sectors are one of the main areas which you can find resin flooring. This can be from dealership showrooms, workshops and parts areas as well as car storage. In this instance, a large dealership of Mercedes vehicles was in need of a non-slip resin flooring system to the workshop,  parts area, valet bays, wash bays and tyre storage areas which needed cosmetic repair and resin flooring. As the building was a new build, the concrete surface was not in disrepair so we did not have to conduct any resin floor repairs.

Flooring Installation

Firstly, we prepared the floor ready for installation and then applied a 3mm slip-resistant floor system. Monargrip is an epoxy resin flooring grip system with added aggregate within a multi-layer system to aid in the grip of the floor (this can be either for pedestrian grip or vehicle tread). By using a Monargrip system on a workshop floor, you can have a durable flooring system which had added slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions. It also provides a level of chemical resistance to the floor.

This project was a total of 4,000 sqm. We then also installed Monargrip to other sites for the same company. These were in Dartford and Birmingham. They also had workshop floors which were in need of a non-slip industrial floor system.

workshop floor mercedes stockport
workshop floor mercedes stockport monargrip

More About Us

Monarch are epoxy resin flooring contractors who install workshop floors across the UK. We also install polyurethane and fast curing resin systems to a wide range of automotive and industrial settings. A non-slip resin flooring solution is a great way to increase the grip of a floor. It is also a durable and hard-wearing flooring system. We have offices in Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire and work throughout the UK as specialist resin flooring contractors.

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