Best flooring for the production and manufacturing sectors

First of all, when we talk about production and manufacturing in factories there is a range of areas which can be explored. Below is a list of just some of those areas which would benefit from a resin flooring system;

All these sectors can benefit from the many kinds of resin flooring which we install. These systems can aid in ensuring health and safety practices in a factory are followed. They can help with static build-up, provide chemical resistance, stability and much more. We will take a look at some of the reasons resin is used as a durable and effective flooring solution for the production and manufacturing sectors.

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Health and Safety Line Marking

A factory is a busy setting and all factories have different needs when it comes to the industrial line marking paint they require. One of the most relevant areas which benefit from line marking is walkways. Walkways are used so that it is clear what areas are designated to pedestrians and what areas are for vehicles. Heavy forklift machinery should always be kept clearly separate from walkways due to the obvious risks involved. It is key that those gangways are noticeable and colourful so as not to be missed. Using a resin floor paint you can create these noticeable areas to keep workers safe and on the right path.

Furthermore, you can use resin floor paint to create hatched areas that highlight an area that is to be kept clear from debris at all times. This will be useful in keeping areas such as exits, entrances and machinery bays clear from use. As well as this, you can use a resin floor paint to designate vehicle bays for forklift charging bays and other machines which may be used, keeping people a safe distance away from them while they are in use. There may also be the need for wording, numbers and symbols on floors to show designated processing spaces, such as packaging areas and delivery areas. Monarcoat 700 is an industrial line marking paint which Monarch uses to fulfil all the needs of health and safety line marking in factories.

Areas which benefit from industrial line marking;

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Antistatic Resin Systems

In some cases, an antistatic resin floor, also called conductive resin systems, may be needed where there is a risk of static buildup. Static build-up can not only be a danger to small electrical parts, but it can also be a risk to workers. Because of the dangers of static buildup, it is vital that the proper precautions take place. An antistatic floor will dissipate static build-up away from the floor to a buildings natural or formed earthing points.

Areas that may need an antistatic resin floor;

Hygienic Resin Flooring Systems

In a production setting where food and drink are present, cleanliness is always vital when choosing a floor. Hygienic resin floor systems create a floor that is not only durable but easy to clean and sanitise. Within the food and beverage industry, a resin floor can provide a system that is resistant to certain cleaning chemicals which may be used to sanitise areas.

Another reason resin is used within the food and beverage areas is when using a resin coved skirting. Resin coving is a great way to achieve a clean floor by not allowing dirt and bacteria to get trapped within the corners of the room. A resin floor has a seamless finish, so unlike tiled or wooden floors, there are no gaps within the floor for any dirt or residue to get trapped.

Areas which will benefit from a hygienic resin system;

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Chemical Resistance

Resin flooring systems can have varying levels of chemical resistance. It is important to know whether the chemicals used on a day to day basis in a factory will damage the floor. Damaged floors can lead to an uneven surface which becomes a hazard to workers. As an example, chemicals that are used in the production of beer will attack a concrete floor creating a damaged and uneven surface. Choosing a polyurethane resin with a high level of chemical resistance will provide a chemically resistant floor.

Areas that will benefit from high chemical resistance;

Anti-Slip Resin Systems

Anti-slip flooring systems are ideal for walkways, ramps, gangways and factory floors. The aim of an anti-slip floor is to create a surface with an added grip so that it is safer to walk on. We use the resin system Monargrip when an anti-slip resin floor is needed. We also use Monarcoat 720, high-build epoxy resin coating incorporating slip-resistant additive to create a non-slip floor. Please consult Monarch Technical Department for further details on how to create a slip-resistant floor


Areas which will benefit from a hygienic resin system;

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Final Thoughts

In areas of manufacturing and production, it is always a good idea to review the different resin products and systems before making a choice on what floor you will need. Monarch offer free technical advice from highly experienced resin flooring contractors so that you can make an informed decision. Busy factory settings all benefit from the durability which resin has to offer. It can endure the constant flow of pedestrian traffic as well as withstanding the vehicle levels of traffic you would find in factories such as forklifts and static machinery, Whether it is an epoxy resin, a polyurethane resin or a polyaspartic fast-curing system you choose, resin provides a seamless, solid finish.

Furthermore, if you would like to contact Monarch for a free site visit to review your current floor substrate and get a recommendation. Visit our contact page or fill out the contact form here below.

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