What anti-slip resin flooring do we install?

Monarch installs anti-slip flooring solutions which are tough, durable and provide a smart and attractive finish suited to many different environments. As a result of anti-slip flooring systems, the health and safety can be improved as the grip in the floor is increased.

For health and safety reasons the law requires that floors must be stable, even when wet, so that the workers are not at risk. This is why we make sure that we have this range available so that there is less risk to workers by adding grip to our floors where required.

What is an anti-slip resin flooring system?

Anti-slip flooring reduces the risk of slips, trips and other accidents which are common within industrial and commercial workplaces. It creates a textured finish which provides a surface which is more slip resistant than concrete. It is a cost-effective way of increasing a durable floors grip. This is especially relevant for commercial and industrial environments.

Monarch has an advanced range of resin flooring products with slip-resistant qualities to help conform to Health and Safety legislation standards.

Although our anti-slip flooring range improves the grip of a resin floor, it does not guarantee against the day-to-day slips and trips, no one can guarantee this. Anti-slip resin flooring creates more grip on a floor to boost its slip resistance within the workplace.

In addition, the floor would not necessarily need to be replaced as in most cases the slip resistance of the existing floor can be improved.


Why Choose Anti-Slip Flooring?

Anti-slip flooring systems are ideal for walkways, ramps, gangways and factory floors. In addition, it is well suited in many other environments where wet and dry materials may create slippery surfaces.

Anti-slip resin coatings increase the effectiveness of grip which is why they create a safer surface for workers/customers to move on. In conclusion, this provides both customers and employees with a safer environment to move on.

Where is Anti-Slip flooring best suited?

Factory and Distribution
Chemical Processing
Brewery Flooring
Food and Drink


Please note that our anti-slip flooring range does not guarantee against the day-to-day slips and trips, no one can guarantee this. Anti-slip creates more grip within a floor to boost its slip resistance.

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