Resin Flooring for Underground Car Parks


As resin flooring contractors, Monarch installs resin in car parks both above and underground across the UK. Car park resin is usually applied to either tarmac or concrete surfaces. The proper use of demarcation and coloured areas creates a long-lasting and effective car parking system. In this case study, we will walk through two separate resin flooring projects which we completed in two car parks.

This first car park we installed was in Bowden, in Lancashire. This was an underground car park which had recently been built for a set of new luxury flats in the area. The total size of the car park which was to be painted was 265 square meters. As it was a new build, there was not a lot of prep work that needed to be done. The surface was still diamond grinded to create a textured surface. However, there was no need for any repairs to the concrete in this case.

We installed our grip system to the concrete, Monargrip. This is our registered anti-slip system which aids tyre tread as well as general pedestrian footfall. As you can see from the images, monotones were used to create the car bays. We also used stencils and resin line marking to add in numbers.

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Lake District

Our second case study is resin flooring in the lake district near Windermere. This was an underground basement car park for a five star hotel. The size of this flooring was around 400 square meters and wanted an anti slip resin solution. The existing surface was uneven concrete in need of repair. Firstly, we repaired the floor with an epoxy mortar. We then further prepped the floor by diamond grinding to create a keyed surface. Then we installed our Monargrip system. This grip systems allow for more tread in the tyres as well as footfall. 

As you can see from the image below, the finished floor was a black and white system. The lines were painted using Monarcoat 700, our resin line marking paint. 

About Monarch

Monarch is a resin flooring contractor who has offices in Derbyshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire and South Yorkshire. As well as installing resin in those areas we cover all of the UK. We have over thirty years of experience and are a family run business.

We install epoxy as well as polyurethane and fast curing products. Our team are always on hand to give free technical advice to those who need help in their next flooring project. If you have a floor which needs a resin finish then please get in touch using the form below or by visiting our contact page. We install resin in commercial, industrial settings as well as domestic garages.

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