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An overview of the different sectors we install our advanced resin systems

Resin flooring can be adapted to many different environments and installed to a number of different specifications. The main sectors can be separated into three categories. Industrial, domestic and commercial flooring.

Industrial flooring concentrates on resin line marking, chemical resistance, slip resistance, anti-static flooring and heavy-duty surfaces.

Commercial resin flooring can be more towards decorative, hygienic and food safe resin systems.

Domestic flooring is mainly about the different looks of resin flooring and its strengthening properties.

All these types of specialist resin systems are fluid between the sectors, the dedicated pages are more to give you an idea of how those systems can be used in specific areas.

Resin systems we install include three different types of resin which are epoxy resinpolyurethane resin and polyaspartic resin. Please take a look at our advanced resin systems overview, or products overview page to find out more.

Industrial Resin Flooring UK

Factories, warehouses, production facilities and flooring for the manufacturing industries are all covered under our industrial flooring page. Talking through the different systems which may be installed and their individual advantages.

Commercial Resin Flooring UK

Flooring for the retail sector is a key area where a food safe, or anti-slip resin system may be needed. Our commercial flooring page talks through the different floor paint suited to different needs of the commercial sector. This includes commercial kitchen flooring, cinema flooring, cafes and restaurant flooring and more.

Domestic Garage Flooring UK

Resin flooring is an ideal and decorative way to improve the strength of a garage floor. You can choose to have a seamless resin floor paint installed or go for a more decorative flake finish or metallic look. Whatever your personal preference for style, we can accommodate with our advanced resin garage floor systems.


Other areas which we specialise in are:

Automotive Flooring

Brewery Flooring

Warehouse Flooring

You can find out more of these through our resin systems page. Or you can get in touch with us through the contact from below or by visiting our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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