Factory and Industrial Flooring

Monarcoat 720 resin floor covering


  • Cost-effective floor repairs
  • Create walkways and or vehicle gangways
  • Resin line marking paint
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-slip properties in wet and dry conditions
  • Creating falling floors
  • Floor coating for suspended floors or strengthening mezzanine flooring
  • No dust
  • Hard wearing
  • Hygienic
  • Can be food safe or 'food grade resin'
  • Easy to clean

Key Points

  • We install advanced resin flooring systems in factories and industrial settings throughout the UK.
  • Epoxy resin floor solutions, polyurethane resin systems with high chemical resistance and polyaspartic fast curing resin floors
  • Not only does resin provide a durable flooring solution, but it can also be installed as an anti-slip resin floor.
  • Durable, seamless resin for industrial settings.
  • Self-smoothing resin products such as Monarflow are used to level out uneven surfaces
  • Food safe resin flooring can be used in areas which handle food and drink preparation
  • Heavy duty resin flooring is well suited to all forms of industrial environments such as manufacturin, production and packaging

Industrial resin flooring: An overview

When it comes to a durable floor, there is no doubt that resin is one of the strongest materials. This is, of course, depending on how thick the resin is laid i.e. the number of coats. But generally, it is a very strong material. This is a key factor when looking for a floor which can withstand the industrial sector. 

When we speak about industrial floors, we are mainly looking at floors which would go in a factory, a warehouse, production plants, manufacturing plants and so on. Basically, if it is not in your home or commercial, you would fall under the industrial category. 

As resin is a versatile material, it is well suited to many sectors and can be installed as different resin systems. Here we are going to look at how resin has made a difference in the industrial sector giving it more than just a durable surface to walk on.  

Here at Monarch, we know that factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants etc come in many shapes and sizes and all have their own needs. That’s why we work with you to find out what unique resin flooring system would work best for you. Industrial and factory flooring is our speciality and we have worked with companies such as Gripple, Ancon, Seabrook and KP Foods delivering outstanding industrial flooring.

There are many different resin systems to choose from and they all have their different benefits. Here are some of the specialist resin flooring systems we install in the UK;

Food Factory Flooring

When there are food and drink involved you will likely need a flooring system which is food grade. This can apply to industrial sectors which package and process food or drink product. Please see our contact page and get in touch to find out more about our food safe resin flooring products.

Anti-Slip Flooring

Floors with added slip resistance can aid in the health and safety of an industrial setting. This is the result of adding grip to the floor to help reduce potential hazards. Industrial resin flooring which has added grip is crucial when it comes to the safety of workers. We specialise in creating non-slip factory flooring systems which have this added grip so that these health and safety concerns are lowered. You can read more about our anti-slip floors here.


Demarcation and Line Marking

Health and safety is a key part of any factory, therefore we are experts in the installation of gangway markings, hatched areas and lettering/numbered markings on floors.

Gangway markings can ensure that there are clear areas for pedestrian or vehicle traffic only. Hatched areas create sections which are to be kept clear of any materials/debris. Added numbers or wording to a floor can increase a factories organisation and productivity by sectioning out where products should be stored.

Read more about demarcation and resin line marking.

Industrial Flooring Repairs & Preparation

In large areas where a factory flooring system has become worn or damaged a more cost-effective solution may be to replace/repair a small area of the floor. We specialise in resin floor repair as well as how flooring can be repaired by resin. Take a look at our resin floor repair page. 

Hygienic Flooring

Particularly in food and drink production, an easy to clean floor is a basic need. This is so that the floor can be sanitised correctly and thoroughly. A hygienic resin floor is dust-free and steam cleanable up to a certain degree. As well as this, a resin floor can withstand high and low temperatures and chemical resistance. Here is a link to our hygienic flooring page which can give you more information about these floors. 

Antistatic Flooring

Areas of static buildup can risk both employees and equipment. It is important to know how to deal with this so as not to incur that risk. Read more about antistatic factory flooring systems

Seamless Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Flooring

Industrial flooring using a seamless resin can create a cost-effective and hard wearing solution to your factories needs. See our pages on epoxy resin and polyurethane to get an insight into how these resin flooring systems can benefit you. Or call us on 01246 412 222 and speak to a member of our technical team for free advice.

Monarch - Factory Flooring
What makes us a stand out industrial flooring contractor

The Monarch group of companies have installed industrial resin flooring solutions to a huge range of manufacturing companies across the UK. Furthermore, as experienced resin flooring contractors, we can create a bespoke floor to suit companies individual needs

It does not matter whether you manufacture chemicals, are a food production factory or a large warehouse for product storage. We can help you decide which resin system would work the best within your industry. Also, we try and make as little disturbance as possible to a factories process. This is why we work with companies to find the ideal time to complete the works and offer fast curing resin for even quicker results. 

Past Clients

Here are just a few of the clients which we have worked with before;

Health and Safety

If you are looking for a resin floor for a factory, warehouse or any other industrial setting. It is clear that you need something which is not only durable, but a safe surface to work on. We know that health and safety is a big part of the industrial sectors process. Therefore we install resin systems which try and increase the health and safety

All manufacturing processes have challenges when it comes to finding a floor which suits their needs. Generally, the manufacturing process involves the use of chemicals, liquids and more harmful liquids which can cause corrosion to floors and create an unsafe, slippery work environment. Some resin systems have high chemical resistance

It is vital that the correct resin floor is installed which is tailor-made to each individual manufacturing processes needs. Resin flooring can provide a floor which is corrosive resistant to certain chemicals, have slip-resistant properties and is a durable surface to suit the manufacturing process its tailored to.

Markings and demarcation colours can create a safe designated area for walkways or vehicles. Subsequently improving on the health and safety by keeping the two separate reducing the risk of collision. This is vital in any manufacturing process which has heavy machinery or vehicles going back and forth through the day. 

Another way in which resin can be used to aid in health and safety is by creating slopes and falls in floors. This can be used to divert any running liquids or spillages which may occur into a drainage system. In addition to the floor installation, we work with stainless steel drainage companies so they can all be installed together as a system. 

Another feature of resin systems is they can have slip resistance. This is specifically useful with companies which work with liquids or damp settings. 

Industrial & Factory Flooring Products


Monargrip is an epoxy resin flooring system that presents excellent levels of slip resistance in the wettest of areas. This can include factory gangways, food factories, wet rooms, laundries or any areas where high levels of slip resistance are needed. The product is based on a blend of epoxy resins and quartz aggregates, and is available in a wide range of colour choices and slip resistance grades.

Monargrip - Factory Flooring

Monarcoat 720 & Monarcoat 700

Within a factory setting, one of the more important aspects to consider within a flooring solution is its health and safety applications.

Monarcoat 700 and Monarcoat 720 are products which we use to create gangway markings and line markings that add to the health and safety of a factory. This is by laying specific areas for walkways and vehicles, marking spaces which need to be kept clear and so on.


Monarflow is ideal for use in the manufacturing industry and is specified for use where a hard wearing, dust-free, seamless, easy clean floor surface is required.

This product is a self-smoothing floor coating which creates a floor which is durable in settings which need to combat the effects of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. It is chemically resistant so that production areas which may use harsh chemicals if spilt would not damage the floor. Subsequently, the floor will not become uneven which can create further health and safety hazards. However, this does not apply to every chemical so it is important to discuss before installation. 


Final Thoughts

Having the right industrial flooring system can really make a big difference to image and productivity in an industrial setting. Before you make a decision it is a good idea to look over all the reasons why resin might be the right choice. We have lots of pages which show just how versatile resin and its different types are. Compared to other types of floor you might see in an industrial setting, a resin system is certainly a great option to consider. Therefore, it is vital to go through all the features you need from your floor with your flooring contractor. 

Finally, Monarch is based in Sheffield, Dronfield, South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Halifax. We install resin floors across the UK and have 30 years experience in our trade. We also offer free technical advice and site visits with no obligation so that you can make the right choice.

Furthermore, there are many ways in which you can get in touch with Monarch. In addition to the contact form below. You can visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch or visit us at our Dronfield office.