Heavy duty Polyurethane resin wall render and skirting for durable wall/floor junction, or all vertical applications.

Monarcove is a three-part polyurethane trowel applied cove and wall render. This product is generally applied in conjunction with Monarthane polyurethane resin floor screed to provide a tanked resin floor and coving resin system.

Monarcove presents a uniform, monotone dense sealed surface, where high resistance to hot water and an easily cleanable wall/floor junction is required.


Apply suitable trim to wall surface at required height. Prime substrate with Monarprime T C and allow to cure for 20-30 minutes, depending on temperature at application. Apply Monarcove with coving trowel and work until smooth.

Monarcove three-part mix to be mixed in rotary drum mixer until homogenous mix obtained. Mix remains workable for up to 15 minutes from mixing.

For a smoother, stronger colour apply a coat of Monarcoat T F polyurethane resin coating.

Cure time:
Heavy Traffic 24 hours Full chemical cure 3 days (cure times will be extended @ temperatures less than 20°C

Compressive strength 50N/mmˉ²